Sheraton reveals its new logo

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Sheraton reveals its new logo
Tue March 12, 2019

After 80 years, the hotel chain makes a change in its image that marks a milestone in its transformation. This evolution reflects the holistic vision of the brand towards the future


Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, the brand with greater global reach of Marriott International continues its journey of transformation with an allusion to its timeless avant-garde legacy, while revealing a new logo that pays homage to its past and represents its vision of the future. The new design reflects the holistic vision of the brand towards the future, making the Sheraton the meeting place of communities around the world, welcoming both guests and locals in a public space that embodies the atmosphere of a modern city.

"The evolution of the logo reflects the renewed energy and the firm commitment we have with our owners and guests with the resurgence of this iconic brand. More than a logo, it is a symbolic statement of Sheraton's vision and new experience for our guests, "said Mara Hannula, vice president of Global Brand Brand Classic Premium Brand. "This is the final piece of the puzzle. This new logo offers a modern look and matches the renovated rooms and public space. "

The new Sheraton experience will be available to guests later this year in Phoenix. The transformed 1,000-room Sheraton Grand Phoenix hotel that the brand bought in 2018 will bring the first hotel to life with the complete Sheraton strategy along with other exciting innovations. The hotel will serve as a test lab, exhibiting design and activations, using new technology and ideas that bring a unique community atmosphere to the space.

"There has been a lot of enthusiasm with the new brand management and the owners are excited about the change," said Indy Adenaw, vice president and World Brand Leader of Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. "From Phoenix to Toronto, from Tel Aviv to Fiji, more than 30% of our global portfolio is under some kind of renewal. Whether it's a partial or total transformation, I'm sure our guests will be pleased with what their eyes will see. "

The first Western brand in China and the first American brand to do business with Eastern Europe and Russia. The Sheraton shield is one of the most recognized features in the world. Serving as a reminder of the long history of the brand, at the center of the new logo, remains the iconic "S" of Sheraton. The new logo has been redesigned to point to the future while also recalling the history of Sheraton. The new logo renews the characteristic laurel as a movement of the world and the energy of meeting, which points towards the redesigned and modernized Sheraton "S" in the center. Guests will begin to see the new logo in the marketing support material and on the websites since April.

In celebration of this moment for the brand, Sheraton associates around the world as of March 13 are participating in internal rallies to commemorate this milestone and the new Sheraton service and culture strategy. Committing again with the brand and restoring its place in the heart of the world community.

Currently, Marriott International has 36 Sheraton hotels in 14 Caribbean and Latin American countries, and three other Sheraton hotels are expected to open by 2023. 20% of existing hotels are scheduled for renovations to bring the transformation of the hotel to life. brand in the region.


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