Amadeus launches report on 'Destination X': the latest trend in tourism

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Amadeus launches report on 'Destination X': the latest trend in tourism
Wed March 13, 2019

The document explores eight trends regarding the challenges and areas of opportunity faced by travel agencies and their suppliers after the traveler arrives at their destination


Amadeus opens the discussion on a growth niche for travel agencies and tourism service providers, through its document "Get ready for Destination X", which explores the excellent opportunity that the industry can take advantage of around the services available in the destinations to which tourists and travelers arrive. In the same document Amadeus estimates that this market will present an approximate growth of $ 183 billion dollars by 2020, which does not include the corresponding reserves for flights and lodging.

Taking advantage of the results of the surveys of more than a thousand users of the Amadeus mobile application "CheckMyTrip", the report identifies the trends of those travelers who want to make the most of their trip (whether for pleasure or business). This information is of utmost importance because in the end, beyond the plane tickets, it is the stay in "X" destination which generates a large amount of income for the industry.

The Amadeus research raises questions such as: "Are travelers prepared when they arrive at" X "destination? Are your needs met in terms of connectivity, transfers, local activities and trendy restaurants? Among some of the results that Amadeus discovered when exploring the potential of Destination X, are:

50% of travelers feel more frustrated about their trips and their destinations, on the date of their trip or around it.
The third part of the travelers says that the services available in their destination can "make or break" their trip.
A quarter of travelers say they do not have the time to evaluate the services that are available in the destination to which they are going.
10% believe that they are not receiving enough help from their travel agency, hotel, airline, on the services they can carry out, when they reach their destination.
72% of travelers are receptive to receiving information about services at their destination.

"Ultimately, users are looking for a much more personalized experience when traveling, and only knowing those needs is that the industry can strengthen the loyalty of travelers," said Michelle Batten, global director of marketing, mobile division and travel channels. in Amadeus. "The tourism industry is increasingly vast and integrates an even greater number of players, so highlighting the offer of complementary services in the destination, will be a key differentiator" added Batten.

As a leader in technology solutions for the travel and tourism industry, Amadeus is committed to the analysis of information and data (generated through the trips that take place every day) to develop the solutions that the industry needs to continue growing.


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