Accor announces positive financial results and changes

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Accor announces positive financial results and changes
Wed March 13, 2019

The French firm has recovered in 2018 and its RevPAR reaches 12.3% in South America

Accor's global results in 2018 reflect the profound transformation that the Group has been experiencing since the creation of AccorInvest, its real estate division and its latest acquisitions. This unique ambition in the hotel industry will help promote brands and increase customer loyalty, in addition to optimizing performance in the medium term. With a record in organic growth, we opened 300 new hotels globally, with a total of 4,780 hotels (703 thousand rooms) and another 1,118 in development plan.

With the aim of linking with customers in their daily lives, incorporating the Premium nature of the brand portfolio, Accor has launched a new visual identity, including a new corporate logo. The two different brands, Accor and ALL, will use the same monogram of the "A iconic", which represents the seal of excellence of the Group, which fuses the letter A with the bernache (goose bernache), Accor's historic emblem.

South America managed to recover strongly in 2018, thanks to the economic reactivation in Brazil, since the last quarter of 2017.

The RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) of the region grew by 12.3%, and EBTIDA grew by 22.8% compared to the previous year. "We opened 52 hotels (7,840 rooms) in the region, the second largest global growth after Asia, which demonstrates the development potential of our region," explains Patrick Mendes, CEO Accor South America. "We also signed 45 new contracts, 23 being in Brazil alone, which will represent 6 thousand new rooms in our operation in South America."

About 56% of the contracts signed in 2018 are in Hispanic countries where Accor has operations, which shows consistency with the model adopted in 2018 to create a headquarters in Santiago, led by Franck Pruvost, COO Accor Hispanic countries, precisely to be more near these countries. "We have an effective leadership in Brazil and we want to expand our presence strongly in other countries, we see enormous potential for midscale and luxury brands, which already represent 44% of new contracts throughout the region. 55% of our business partners are new, "says Patrick.

The tourism industry already accounts for 9% of jobs worldwide and its sustained growth is no doubt. In 2018, the number of international travelers who spend, on average, 7% of their travel resources grew by 6%. "Demand in the region grew by 5.7%, while the supply of rooms only 2%, which shows the potential we have to achieve," says Patrick.

"Globally, we represent 8% of Accor's network and development plan in the region, therefore, our goal is to expand that percentage in the coming years, with 500 open hotels and another 150 in development plan by 2022 - Our new strategic challenge Today, the company operates 375 hotels in the region (60 thousand rooms), with 308 in Brazil (50 thousand rooms) and 119 hotels in development plan ".

Accor in South America registered unparalleled growth in the last 4 years, having today 14 luxury economic brands, with a portfolio of 11% in luxury brands, 25% in midscale and 64% in economic. More than 150 hotels have been opened since 2015, thanks to the significant acquisitions of hotels such as Posadas, BHG and Atton, the latter completed in May 2018. The acquisition of Atton was instrumental in expanding the presence and leadership of Accor in the Americas. South, also encouraging the expansion of the offer to our customers and partners of the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program, which has more than 3.8 million members in South America alone, which will reach more than 4 million members in the East region 2019.

The program, which will be renamed ALL - Accor Live Limitless, has four focuses:
1. Introduce new premium status to recognize our most loyal members.
2. Offer improved benefits, according to our increased hospitality strategy.
3. Have a connected experience around the world to earn and use points across the range of brands and a new digital application, which adds value to work, life and entertainment
4. Create alliances that anchor ALL in the day to day of the associates in entertainment, gastronomy, restaurants and sports.
"The year 2018 also brought several awards to the Group in the region, such as reaching the position No. 21 in the Best Companies to work in Brazil - GPTW, in addition to recognitions in Peru, Argentina and Chile." Through our equity program of gender, we already have 50% of female hotel managers and we have also been recognized by the GPTW as one of the best companies in the Women category, "said Mendes.
"Our commitment to LGBTI diversity was also recognized in awards by four representative entities: Stamp of Human Rights and Diversity of the City of São Paulo, LGBT Tourism Chamber + Brazil, LGBT Tourism Chamber + Argentina and Caio Sustainability Award".
"We also involve all the hotels in the fight against the damage that plastic is causing to the environment, mainly to the oceans, prohibiting the plastic bulbs of our hotels in the region and preparing for this 2019 to substitute sustainable products for coffee stirrers and drinks, laundry bags, swabs and disposable cups ".
"Our reforestation program, Plant for the Planet, planted 50 thousand trees in Peru and Brazil, thanks to the support of the guests who reused their towels during their stays, saving in the washing and reinvesting that money in the plantations located in Peru (Alto of Hayabamba, Peruvian Amazonia) and in the Serra da Canastra (Minas Gerais, Brazil) ".
The year 2018 also marked the acquisitions of important international brands, which may be launched in our region from 2019. Among them:
Mantis: 50% of the South African hospitality and travel conglomerate group;
Ctrip: focused on Chinese travelers;
Movenpick Hotels & Resorts: 84 hotels in the Middle East, Asia and Africa;
Mantra Group: 127 hotels and resorts in Australia;
SBE: 50% of the group with 25 hotels and 170 restaurants / nightclubs;
21cMuseum: 85% of boutique hotels.
"By 2019, our objectives are, among others, to complete the rebranding of recently acquired hotels as 12 Atton in 4 countries, maximizing synergies between products and services, expanding our food and beverage offerings in our restaurants, another goal of the region that observed a 23% growth in food and beverage revenues in hotels since 2015 and is the main element of customer satisfaction in internal surveys (80% satisfaction).
"Concepts such as QCeviche, Trampolim Café, ibis Kitchen, Dagi, Gourmet Bar and Udon, which we developed in the region, will be added to the most disruptive international concepts we acquired with SBE, such as: Katsuya, Cleo, The Baazar, Umami Burger, among others "commented Mendes.
Responding to the needs of consumers, Accor will also expand its co-working spaces in 2019. The ibis network already offers a similar service, even for those who are not hosted, being able to use the hotel infrastructure to conduct business and meetings in common areas, with the differential being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With coffee refil options for US $ 2.6 during the entire period of use of space in some properties. "In 2017, Accor launched a coworking brand in Europe, Nextdoor, which expects to have more than 80 spaces by 2022, with good expectations to be launched in our region also in the main capitals of the countries," explains Patrick.

Finally, another bet for 2019 will be the expansion of the franchise model, both for the economic segment and midscale, expanding the presence with lifestyle and luxury brands, as well as creating experiences in residences and resorts, a trend we are observing in the enterprises and we will also accompany in the region. "One of the novelties is the new lifestyle brand, Tribe, a remodeled hotel concept that allows customers to live, work and have fun in contemporary environments." Tribe was designed to attract investors through a product that guarantees financial returns superior, thanks to the best perception of the client for their spaces and economic services ", announces Patrick. Tribe currently consists of an address a few steps from the Kings Park Botanical Garden, in Perth, Australia, and another ten openings are already scheduled for 2022 in Europe and Asia, totaling more than 1,700 rooms.

On the main markets the executive highlighted

"In 2018, we opened two important projects in Buenos Aires: the Sofitel Buenos Aires and the MGallery Palladium, and we expect the opening of the first ibis Styles in the country in 2019. In addition, we have 11 hotels in operation and over 500 collaborators ".

"The main success was the acquisition of Atton, positioning us as the number one hotel chain in Chile and we signed the first two franchise contracts in the country, with ibis Chillan and the ibis budget Concepción. In addition to the opening of the two main hotels Novotel, in Providencia-Santiago and Viña del Mar, excellent products in excellent locations, we also signed the first contract for the Mama Shelter brand in the Hispanic countries, in addition to 8 other new hotels.They are now 22 hotels in operation and 700 collaborators " .

"We opened four hotels in Colombia and signed four other projects, including a luxury project in the country and an ibis budget in the city of Bogotá, and we are looking to grow through strategic alliances with sector participants and our partners, to Through our own investments in the main cities of midscale and luxury hotels, mainly through investors, we also want to expand franchise contracts, especially in secondary cities, and introduce new brands of our portfolio in the country, especially in the segment Of the way of life, there are 17 hotels in operation in the country, 9 in development plan and 700 collaborators ".
"The country has its first Pullman hotels thanks to the conversion of the Atton hotels, in addition to adding an ibis budget and a MGallery in Lima to our portfolio, we opened two hotels and signed four new contracts, we have eight hotels in Peru in operation, 300 direct collaborators and another ten contracts in pipeline, which shows the great potential of the country ".
"We opened the first ibis in Quito, and we also signed the first ibis Styles in the country, in Guayaquil, with more than 200 rooms, today we have three hotels operating in Ecuador, another two under construction and close to 200 employees."
"We started the construction of the MGallery Montevideo, in addition to the inauguration of the ibis Styles Montevideo, the first of the brand in the country.Our goal is to expand projects in Montevideo and Punta del Este, adding to the four hotels we operate today, with 150 employees , and two others in development plan ".
"In Bolivia, we signed the Swissotel Santa Cruz with 138 rooms, in addition to the signature of ibis La Paz, with 100 rooms, while ibis and Novotel Santa Cruz are still under construction.We believe in the potential of Bolivia, where we currently have five hotels in development plan. "



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