TAP launches stopover in five Brazilian cities

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TAP launches stopover in five Brazilian cities
Thu March 14, 2019

The program, which is a success in Portugal, will be replicated in Brazil. Tourists may extend their stay in the country up to five days at no additional cost

Knowing at least two destinations, without additional costs and extending the stay in up to five days in Brazil: this is the Stopover Program that the Portuguese airline TAP launched on Thursday (14), during the Lisbon Tourism Exchange, one of the major European tourism market fairs. The first cities to participate in the program are Recife (PE), Salvador (RJ), Fortaleza (CE), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Brasília (DF). The company said the program is due to start in the first half of this year.

The Stopover Program can act as an accelerator of international tourism in Brazil. As a comparison, in Portugal, where the airline already offers the service, in 2018 were at least 150 thousand passengers that extended their trip, in the largest hub of the company in Europe.

The Tourism Minister, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, emphasizes that the Stopover program "is a measure that promotes all tourism in the region, stimulates the economy and generates jobs." The winners are: the tourists who expand their experiences in our country, entrepreneurs and employees ".

For Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism), the initiative "warms the economy in Brazilian cities. It is an extra revenue, an opportunity for tourists to know more destinations, and to stay in the country for longer", celebrates the president of Embratur, Teté Heifer. "It is a new proposal, which has already worked well in Europe, and begins to be replicated in Brazil. These are important innovations for national tourism," the Embratur president adds.

TAP has direct flights to ten cities from all regions of the country and has been flying to Brazil for more than 50 years. "Today is TAP's 74th anniversary, nothing better to celebrate than a partnership with five major Brazilian cities. We believe that replicating our successful Stopover program in Brazil in various capitals can contribute immensely to the promotion of international tourism to Brazil, "says TAP President Antonoaldo Neves.

Pernambuco's tourism secretary, Rodrigo Novaes, said that "for years we have invested in connectivity and in the air network, we are the busiest airport in the Northeast and we expect to increase by up to 15% the arrival of foreign tourists in the state of Pernambuco with the beginning of the program ".

Arialdo Pinho, Secretary of Tourism of Ceará, adds that "this action portrays the maturation of the destination Brazil, which seeks to innovate to attract more foreign tourists." The secretary of Ceará says that "69% of the public arriving flights to Ceará are occupied by Europeans, so it is a great potential for tourists who visit the country and who arrive or decide to leave Fortaleza, which is a great gateway of tourists from this continent. "

The secretary of Tourism of Bahia, Fausto Franco, also says that "there are 40 years of direct flights to Salvador by TAP. This partnership will be fundamental to give more options to foreign tourists arriving or going through our city, still being able to stay a few days enjoying the various attractions. "

Rio de Janeiro also joined the program of the Lusitanian company. For the Secretary of Tourism of the state, Otávio Leite is strategic to offer thousands of passengers the chance to meet new destinations and also return to favorites. "Rio understands that there is a great prospect of expanding the number of visitors both in the capital and in the interior with this Stopover," says Otávio Leite.

"Brasília is the capital of our country, the center of great decisions. But we can be much more, because we have architecture, we have history, we have nature, we have hotel chains and restaurant of excellence, we have life that goes beyond politics. With this partnership, we are increasing the potential of our city to welcome our visitors, "says Governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha.


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