Four unique hotels in Peru

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Four unique hotels in Peru
Wed March 20, 2019

Promperú highlights four properties that for their architecture and landscapes offer unforgettable experiences for tourists


Peru is the protagonist of striking and exotic hotels where you can appreciate its stunning landscapes. Next, four must-see options for tourists:

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Sacred Valley
Located in Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it is a capsule hotel that attracts tourists because it is hanging 400 meters high. The hotel is composed of three modules that can accommodate four people each - the rooms - and a rounder one where it is possible to have breakfast and dinner - the restaurant. Made of aero-spatial aluminum and high-strength polycarbonate, the dimension of each module is 7.5 m long x 2.6 m high and wide, and both the walls and the roof are transparent.
To get to 400 meters high there are two options: the via ferrata (climb with carabiners and harnesses takes a little over an hour) or walk up, for 2 hours, going through a circuit of ziplines. Given the particular check in of the hotel, the guides make a preliminary talk where they teach some basic security measures.
Once inside the module, passengers can remove the harness, as the only way out is through the exit hatch located at the top of the module. Although there is no air conditioning or heating, the capsules have six windows and four ventilation ducts. Not suitable for those who suffer vertigo!
How to get? It can be reached by land from Cusco to the base of the hill in about 1 hour and a half.

Hotel B, Lima
This boutique hotel is unique not only for its location, in the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco, but especially for its architecture. Built by the French architect Claud Sahut - in charge of the remodeling of the Government Palace - it functioned as the summer mansion of the wealthy García Bedoya family and today it becomes a boutique and luxury hotel in the city of Lima. Located in the most artistic district of the city, the hotel has its own art exhibition and is also directly connected to the Lucía de la Puente Gallery. A must-see in the city!
How to get? From the Lima Airport by land, it takes 1 hour to get to the hotel.

Cruises on the Amazon, Iquitos
It is also possible to sleep on the largest river in the world. Accustomed to the huge cruises that cruise the oceans, few tourists know that it is also possible to do it in the Amazon River. With small boats of no more than 30 rooms, these have the peculiarity of offering activities outside and in this way it is possible to appreciate the flora and fauna of the place accompanied by guides. At the same time, it has large areas -internal and external- to rest and offer the maximum comforts for tourists willing to adventure in luxury.
How to get? Once in Iquitos it is necessary to do 2 hours by land to get to Nauta, from where the boats leave.

Ecocamps, Salkantay
Peru also offers options for gampling fans (5 star camping). Here we offer a sustainable and ecological luxury accommodation in capsules or "domos", large tents with all the comforts of a classic hotel room. The 5 EcoCamps are located on the route to the Citadel of Machu Picchu along the Salkantay road.
The rooms have 28 square meters and are for a maximum of 4 people and their facilities have organic gardens, use solar energy and natural water resources to offer their guests a unique experience with the least possible environmental impact.
How to get? They are located on the Salkantay Road that leaves from Cusco and that runs through the southern part of the Vilcabamba Mountain Range.


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