MICE segment travelers spend 53% more than one of pleasure

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MICE segment travelers spend 53% more than one of pleasure
Thu March 21, 2019

On average, a meeting tourist spends $ 4,508.10 a day according to the MICE Travel Report study prepared by IBTM Americas


According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, in Mexico more than 266 thousand meetings industry events are held per year, attended by about 29 million people, who generate an annual economic spill of 24.97 billion of dollars, which means 1.50% of the national GDP.

David Hidalgo, Director of IBTM Americas, said that "this great contribution to the economic flow by the Meeting Industry is due to the fact that MICE passengers spend approximately 53% more than one of pleasure, according to ICCA figures. (International Congress and Convention Association). In fact, in our study, the Mice Travel Report shows that a tourist spends an average of $ 4,580.10 per night per trip. And it should also be noted that this activity breaks with the tourist seasonality, that is, it remains constant, without low seasons. "

According to the Mice Travel Report study, prepared by IBTM Americas, 63% of tourists who visit a destination through conferences, meetings, conventions, expos, etc., stay in 4 and 5 star hotels, 16% in places of 3 stars and only 3% in places with 1 star, of the remaining percentage, 13% corresponds to other types of paid establishments that are not hotels and 5% to private properties without cost.

As for the days that remain in the destination where the event takes place, the study reveals that the average is 5.3 days. While the interval of trips from 1 to 7 nights were the most common with 83%, followed by those from 8 to 15 with 11% and finally those over 16 accumulated only 6%.

On the other hand, the Mice Travel Report points out that men who travel the most in the MICE category are men, representing 69% of tourists, while women occupy 31%. And the age range is focused on people from 35 to 54 years old, most of them with university studies.

Finally, the Director of IBTM Americas added that currently, the travelers of meetings do not strictly adhere only to work activities, they also take alternatives to travel to places of leisure and culture, which benefits the promotion of destinations in terms of attractiveness. tourist attractions, and leaves an economic spill for the place. David Hidalgo also made the invitation to attend the second edition of IBTM Americas, which this year will be on May 29 and 30 at the Citibanamex Center, the event will bring together tourism authorities from meetings, Hosted Buyers, prestigious exhibitors, professionals of the item and visitors. In the place in addition to having the opportunity to train, there is the possibility of doing business with people, institutions and companies, focused on the industry.


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