Amadeus will transform the airport experience

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Amadeus will transform the airport experience
Fri March 22, 2019

The firm closed the purchase of ICM Airport Technics, a leading company in automated passenger processing solutions and baggage self-billing systems for airports and airlines


Amadeus has signed an agreement to acquire ICM Airport Technics, a world leader in automated passenger processing solutions and baggage self-billing systems for airports and airlines, for an amount that has not transcended.

Based in Sydney (Australia), ICM is specialized in providing automated passenger processing solutions and baggage self-billing systems for customers located mainly in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe. Since 2009, ICM has processed more than 75 million baggage worldwide and is a world leader in supplying airports with self-billing units for reconditioning baggage or replacing traditional check-in stations. ICM works with about 25 airports, including some of the most important airports in the world. ICM is also a pioneer in the use of biometric technology to manage baggage processing.

Thanks to this agreement, Amadeus now reinforces its position in this sector to boost future growth. Last generation airports continue investing in improving their capacity and efficiency and increasingly seek to work exclusively with strategic suppliers that can provide all the components they need in a single space. To this end, the Amadeus client airports will now be able to improve and considerably increase the offer of services they currently provide to passengers while still guaranteeing the safety and protection of travelers.

Bruno Spada, Head of Airport IT at Amadeus, commented: "Often, the experience of passengers at airports is not satisfactory: they have to wait long lines to check their luggage and face a multitude of services and technologies that are not always In essence, airports urgently need to have open self-service solutions in order to eliminate aspects of the passenger experience that are annoying and problematic.When combining the software and hardware functionalities of Amadeus and ICM, develop and implement more Self-service options and use the potential of biometric technology, this agreement announced today will ensure we can offer better travel experiences to passengers in the future. "

Spada added: "ICM is a fantastic company, and its business culture will fit in perfectly with Amadeus, we will incorporate ICM's technical know-how and its strong customer orientation into our current airport product offering, and most importantly, customers constantly tell us that they need a comprehensive strategic solution to respond to the changing operational needs of airports, they do not want to have to work with multiple suppliers, but with a single provider that can make the most of the most innovative technologies and that Ultimately, it can "take care of everything": this agreement accomplishes exactly that, and will also allow us to accelerate the development of our future innovation capabilities.The combination of the advanced technological capabilities of ICM and Amadeus will provide an open platform for airport innovation and boost the growth of Amadeus and ICM in the next years".

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO of ICM, said: "By combining the leading ICM market self-service and passenger processing solutions with Amadeus' international reach and complementary product offering, we are now in an unbeatable position to offer Even better technical solutions to our client airlines and airports, we are very excited about what the future holds for us, given that we share similar values, such as a marked emphasis on innovation and reliability and an unwavering commitment to improving airport efficiency and the protection and safety of passengers".

Luis Maroto, CEO of Amadeus, explained: "The acquisition of ICM is another important milestone for our technology solutions business for airports, as well as for our diversification strategy, which will further increase our presence in a key growth segment for us and it will allow us to integrate a new team, as well as a range of products that demonstrate our commitment to innovation, with this acquisition, we seek to simplify various processes of great complexity for our airport customers ".

As part of the acquisition, approximately 150 ICM employees will join Amadeus. ICM will be integrated into Amadeus' technology solutions division for airports and will be part of its strategic growth business unit. ICM will maintain a local presence close to its customers through offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Amadeus and ICM plan to close the acquisition in the second quarter of 2019. The operation will be financed by cash.


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