Sheraton facing the challenge of repositioning its brand

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Sheraton facing the challenge of repositioning its brand
Mon March 25, 2019

The hotel chain has gone through a stage of profound transformation. To learn more about its current affairs, we interview Indy Adenaw, vice president of brand management

With the recent merger with Marriott, what is your strategy with the Sheraton brand in our region?
The beauty of Sheraton's transformation strategy is that we have given a global push to make Sheraton return to its successful roots. We have built on the basis of brand and heritage as a community brand. With more than 60 years of legacy in Latin America, we are proud of the history of the brand in the region. Our strategy in Latin America is the same as in any other place, updating the product, the experience and the service. We are updating our current portfolio of 36 Sheraton properties (approximately 20 percent have committed to the renovation), adding 3 new properties in CALA projected for the next 3 years that will show the new vision of the brand.

How has been the process by which they have determined the changes of image that they presented days ago?
During the New York Investment Conference (NYU or the New York Investment Conference) in 2018, we revealed our vision of the new public space experience at Sheraton that was inspired by the vitality, movement and spirit of the squares, where the Work and life combine perfectly. Our public spaces recreate that same vitality in a lobby with open and impeccable areas where people work, meet and meet. With this design, we have remodeled and redefined every aspect of the guest experience in one that feels modern, warm and classic like the Sheraton.
The logo is the final piece of that work, which brings together the vision, the experience within the design. More than 40 years have passed since the last major update of this iconic logo and we wanted to take our time to ensure that it is linked to the historical heritage, while giving the brand a classic but modern touch. The modernized logo symbolizes the best of what Sheraton's transformation has to offer at the same time that it reminds us of our history. We combine it with an identity design that celebrates the energy of the union. Each element of the redesign of the brand's new style celebrates our past, as well as our vision for the future, a welcoming place for the world to meet.

How have these changes impacted the commercial market?
The physical transformation takes time to develop, but we hope to preview some of our first adopters this year, specifically at Sheraton Phoenix, which will be the showcase of our new vision. As for the logo, we are in the process of shipping to the hotels and you will begin to see the new logo on our websites and digital portals next month.

What is the communication strategy based on the new Sheraton brand image?
Starting in 2018, Sheraton revealed the vision for the future of the brand, and now in 2019, we have the ability to demonstrate this vision in a creative way, both through our updated brand identity, and physically when making these updates and renewals. in the property. In the fourth quarter of 2019, we will reveal the first strategy example of the new Sheraton experience in Phoenix, Arizona, which shows our transformation concepts and more, and serves as an innovative hotel to interact with owners and guests. It is estimated that the renovations of the property will be completed by the end of the year.

What will be the process by which the properties will be updated so that they are in accordance with these changes?
Transforming an identity of a brand takes time, but we are starting to implement it through our website and digital portals in April. Partnerships are also taking place all over the world, so that they celebrate this new vision and strategy for the brand. Having our property associates aligned and excited about the logo and our direction is key to our transformation, especially in Latin America, where approximately 20% of the hotels in the portfolio have committed to renovations.

How will you manage brand names in upcoming openings in Latin America?
We will remain consistent not only in Latin America, but throughout the world. With renewed commitment and energy focused on the Sheraton brand, we hope key stakeholders of our properties will join the transformation to ensure the new Sheraton experience becomes the standard that guests expect and become familiar with.

What is your vision about the tourism market in the region?
The Caribbean and Latin America are an important region for Marriott International and the Sheraton brand. Specifically for Sheraton, our roots in Latin America go back many decades and we are celebrating that history through our transformation efforts.
The brand prides itself on excellent recognition in the region and has the second largest Marriott International brand with 36 properties in 14 countries.
The travel industry in the Caribbean and Latin America is strong, incoming and outgoing, and contributes significantly to the region's GDP.
In 2018, more than 49 million international visitors traveled to Latin America, the main destinations were Mexico, Argentina and Brazil; in 2019 WTTC expects 50.8 million international arrivals.
The travel industry of the regions is a project that will expand even further in 2019 after growing by 2.4% in 2018.
With many exciting destinations, such as Costa Rica, Chile and Panama, the region offers a variety of experiences and something for every traveler.


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