Uruguay brings a cultural atmosphere to WTM Latin America

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Uruguay brings a cultural atmosphere to WTM Latin America
Carlos Fagetti
Tue April 02, 2019

The National Director of Tourism participates in the event in San Pablo, it is promoted as an art and culture route


Uruguay is among the main international art tourism routes in Latin America, reinforcing this title by presenting at the WTM Latin America, in São Paulo, an unpublished exhibition of Pablo Picasso in Montevideo. These and other novelties will be presented by the National Director of Tourism, Carlos Fagetti, during the three days of the fair.

Seeking to present to the sector other destinations in the country, in addition to the well-known Punta del Este, Montevideo, and Colonia del Sacramento, and its characteristic culture of peace and social equality, the delegation also promotes and disseminates its cultural imprint with exhibitions, presentations and shows , further enhanced by the Antel Arena, a giant multiplatform space inaugurated in November 2018.

"These actions show other charms of Uruguay, art, culture, entertainment enhance destinations and help to break the seasonality of tourism," said Fagetti.

In addition to art, Uruguay is firmly positioned on the international stage as one of the best wine and wine tourism routes in Latin America. The outstanding American magazine Wine Enthusiast has awarded the Best Winery of the World Award 2018 to Bodega Garzón, as part of the 19th edition of the Wine Awards. The title makes more visible the quality of the Uruguayan producers and the differential of the terroir of the small giant.

Original proposals that integrate the best of Uruguayan wines and oils, such as the Wine and Olive Roads, are also featured in the WTM. These are routes that mix gastronomy and wine culture in José Ignacio, Punta del Este, Aiguá, Pueblo Edén, Piriápolis, and Pan de Azúcar, among some other destinations.

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