According to Siteminder, the key is that hotels are committed to improving the experience

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According to Siteminder, the key is that hotels are committed to improving the experience
Tue April 02, 2019

The online platform helps hoteliers optimize their offer among users seeking accommodation and accommodation options


According to SiteMinder, the sector's leading online platform that helps hoteliers optimize their offer among users seeking accommodations and accommodation options throughout the year, to achieve benefits within the variation of rates for supply and demand, is necessary to take action.
Certain seasons are relatively good for hoteliers who offer all types of rooms, plans and packages that allow them to be competitive within the market. These seasons, however, vary constantly throughout the year as the offer varies according to the season of the year, the situation of the country and, why not, it also changes according to other global aspects such as airfare fares. that airlines adjust according to oil prices and other taxes.
While the prices of hotel rooms are influenced by many factors, the demand for destinations is the most important for travelers. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Datatur, during January 2018 the airports that received the largest number of foreign visitors in Mexico were: Cancun, Mexico City, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Cozumel. In addition, during that same period, the reservations made in hotels were 4.5 million domestic tourists and 1.8 million international tourists, which indicates that, indeed, local tourism continues to be booming within the country.
Mexico, at the beginning of 2018 and according to the figures reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Datatur, recorded the arrival of 3.4 million international tourists, 379 thousand tourists higher than the observed in January 2017 and equivalent to an annual increase of 12.7 %. This, without a doubt, is an excellent opportunity for hotels that, with a good analysis of market, supply and demand, could obtain many more benefits through reservations if they offered their rooms in reservation channels of other countries. These same figures indicate that hotel occupancy in the Azteca country was 58.6% in January 2018, with an increase of 0.4 percentage points compared to that observed in January 2017, which registered 58.2%.
Due to the development of the industry, many hoteliers are using the information they have at their disposal, be it their own research and competitive analysis or through a price intelligence tool, to manage the preliminary work and help validate their decisions, in addition to keep in mind all the opportunities available when offering a hosting service that generates profits for the business. These are some of the factors that hoteliers take into account when planning their business strategy:

The time of year
High season or low season? If it is a time of low demand, hotels should lower their prices to convince more guests. In the case of the high season, the increase in the demand for lodging allows the rates to be higher and the profit for hoteliers the same.

Types of room
The housing offer can allow different price ranges and this is the perfect opportunity to provide users with creative packages and offers that encourage them to make the purchase. In this case, the possibility of having a good channel manager will allow you to sell the same room in different ways through all online channels, for example, a "luxury suite that includes breakfast and a local tour through the chosen destination "instead of offering" only the luxury room ". The possibilities are almost endless.

Events calendar
Let the owners know what is happening in the vicinity of your hotel is crucial to set the prices of the rooms accurately. For example, if the hotel is located in Querétaro and in July and August the Harvest Festival is celebrated, it is important to check the price of the competition in advance in order to make a reasonable and competitive offer. It is also essential to integrate recreational activities such as tours or balloon rides through the vineyards, for example. In this case, tracking price trends is strategic, as this action could influence the needs of wine fanatics and, in turn, attract more guests and, therefore, more revenue.

"Hoteliers must take into account the market opportunities to optimize the positioning of their hotels and to stay active in the market regardless of the season of the year. With SiteMinder, hotels can make the most of their properties by providing users with the opportunity to meet accommodations in all corners of the world through the various booking pages with which the platform is connected. The hotel industry is changing by leaps and bounds and we see more and more how the success of an accommodation is not only in its location, in its prices or in its rooms, but in the unforgettable, unique and personalized experiences that these hotels offer to the guests", Says Rocío Herraiz, Communications Manager of Latin America at SiteMinder.


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