Travelclick presented innovations at WTM Latin America

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Travelclick presented innovations at WTM Latin America
Mariano Porcel de Saint Georges, Travelclick
Mon April 08, 2019

The firm belonging to Amadeus has had an outstanding participation in the technology pavilion at the fair


TravelClick participated in WTM Latin America, the tourism fair that took place at the North Center of Sao Paulo between April 2 and 4. The Amadeus company has announced that it is expanding its customer management (GMS) requests with the addition of Demand360 to its Campaign Advisor tool that now allows hoteliers to provide recommendations when marketing occupation-based marketing campaigns. in the market.

Demand360 is the most competitive market intelligence product in the hospitality industry that provides metrics and reserve positions with a vision of the future compared to its competitive set by segment and channel. Hoteliers using TravelClick's GMS and Demand360 products will have access to current and projected occupation data as opposed to competitive sets to identify the most valuable time periods to run campaigns, which allows them to avoid offering discounts and packages during the campaign. maximum occupation of the market and implement marketing campaigns when I need it most.

The integration of Campaign Advisor and Demand360, owned by TravelClick, allows hoteliers to take advantage of market data to feel confident that they are choosing the best time to run campaigns and capture demand.


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