Acapulco and Las Vegas seal their brotherhood in Tianguis Turístico

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Acapulco and Las Vegas seal their brotherhood in Tianguis Turístico
Wed April 10, 2019

The objective is to strengthen and build ties of cooperation and permanent work

With the objective of strengthening and building the bonds of friendship, cooperation and work between Acapulco and Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, a city where more than 80,000 Guerrero residents live day after day and despite being far from their land and loved ones, with their work, they put up the name of Guerrero.

Counting on the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Luis Olivares Novales and the Federal Tourism Sub Secretary Humberto Hernández Haddad who served as witness of honor.

In the use of the voice in the act carried out in the pavilion of Guerrero, the municipal tourism secretary, José Luis Basilio Talavera explained that many warriors want to return and know the port and that is why there is an important coordination with the Guerrero House of Las Vegas.

In his turn, the federal tourism undersecretary, Humberto Hernandez Haddad stressed that Mexico must be a world tourism power because it depends on economic prosperity, social reconciliation and the projected dignity of Mexico for the world.

The federal official applauded the twinning and sent a greeting to all Mexicans living in the neighboring country.

For his part, Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona acknowledged the joint work between the City Council and representatives of Guerrero residents in Las Vegas and he hoped that this twinning would bring good results.

Finally, the mayor Adela Román Ocampo thanked the work and disposition of Casa Guerrero in Las Vegas, with which I trust that with this twinning many countrymen are reunited with their roots and their cultural wealth.

"Acapulco has a great history to show the world, there is culture, there are generous hearts, affectionate arms that tourism comes and are the best spokespersons of what we have here," he said.


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