Great participation of HotelDo during the Tianguis

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Great participation of HotelDo during the Tianguis
Wed April 10, 2019

In the event that culminates today in Acapulco, more than 1,100 work meetings were held, and collaboration agreements were signed with different states

HotelDo continues to grow at an excellent pace throughout the world and especially in Mexico. Such is the case that it has been one of the most successful companies in the Tianguis, an event that culminates today in Acapulco. To know in detail the current affairs of the firm we interviewed Daniel Vázquez, Global Managing Director of the firm. The executive said: "We are the B2B line within Best Day Travel Group, the origin of HotelDo is Argentina, from there it has been growing and today we have a very strong presence in Latin America, the United States, Europe and we are starting in Asia".

"We offer 2 alternatives, an HTML platform for contracting services of all kinds, as well as third parties all over the world, through XML we feed our own hotel content, both of which are available in English, Portuguese and Spanish".

"We are always a great alternative for a tourism company of any size, we are a reference for hiring, especially in Mexico, but because of our origin we have made a broad network throughout the rest of the continent".

"Here at Tianguis we have come to nurture relationships with hotel entrepreneurs and also enhance our B2B network".

"One of the main advantages we offer is billing and local payment platform in each country, which is a vital requirement for our customers".

"We are growing and aim to grow double-digit B2B, we know we have the potential and the market offers many opportunities".


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