Great optimism of Quintana Roo after Tianguis

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Great optimism of Quintana Roo after Tianguis
Darío Flota, CPTQ
Thu April 11, 2019

During the show that ended yesterday in Acapulco we talked with Darío Flota, head of the Tourism Promotion Board to know in detail the current situation of the destination

Quitana Roo has been one of the destinations that has been most active during the Tianguis that has just ended in Acapulco. To know the results obtained at the fair and to know the current situation in the state, we interviewed Darío Flota, head of the Tourism Promotion Council. The official told us: "We are leaving Tianguis very satisfied, we have had agendas nourished by weight meetings, serving customers and closing important agreements".

On the conjuncture of the tourist market, Fleet mentioned: "There are challenges, the disappearance of the CPTM forced us to reorganize budgets and actions that we did not have to handle before.This was added to security and public health problems, but even so we are able to grow, that shows the potential of our destiny. "

"We have grown in all the emissive markets except USA, where we fell by 2% and in Argentina due to the economic crisis, but we are growing at a good pace in Colombia and Brazil.
We received 14 million visitors in 2018. 24% growth over 2017 and the idea is to reach 15 million this year. "

"A very important fact is that Quintana Roo continues to expand its hotel capacity, there are hotels under construction of hotels and remodeling, we note broad confidence in the future of our state."

It should be noted that the Mexican Caribbean has an offer of more than 102890 hotel rooms, more than 1075 hotels, of which 35.5% correspond to rooms in the 5 Stars and Gran Turismo category of the country. Added to this are three international airports, an airplane seat availability of more than 6 million airplane seats in North America alone and connections to more than 50 airports.


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