Latin Americans will continue to travel despite adversity according to SiteMinder

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Latin Americans will continue to travel despite adversity according to SiteMinder
Thu April 11, 2019

The report analyzes the trends of travelers in five countries to identify challenges and opportunities for the tourism industry

In some of the countries in Central and South America there have been interesting increases in visits by foreign travelers in recent years, mainly due to the convenience of prices. This is demonstrated by the recent study conducted by SiteMinder, the leading hotel acquisition platform for the hotel industry, entitled "National Tourism - The strongest trend in Latin American countries in 2019".

This research, made with more than a thousand travelers from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, exposes the travel trends of Latin American tourists that, as can be seen, have completely changed due to the economic and social situations that occur in some countries. countries nowadays and for the necessities that impulses the decision making to carry out not only vacations, but also of work.

This report has been carried out with the objective of analyzing the trends of travelers in these countries to identify the opportunities and the great challenges that 2019 will bring to the tourism industry in these economies.

"One of the most important things we have discovered after conducting this study is that Latin American travelers do not give up traveling in a situation of recession or uncertainty that may occur in their country. However, it does change the way you enjoy your vacations and your habits and traditions when planning your trips. The vast majority of respondents choose a national destination rather than Europe or the United States. This gives us a clue as to how essential it is for hoteliers to be close to travelers in their own country. While it is true that foreigners continue to come to the region, a large niche of opportunities come from potential national guests, "says Jason Lugo, Regional Director for Latin America at SiteMinder.

In Mexico, where the Tianguis Turístico annual fair is held this week, tourism accounts for 8.8% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and this contribution is expected to remain consistent in 2019. In the study conducted by SiteMinder, almost half (48.3%) of the travelers affirm that, during the next year, they will spend their vacations in some destination of the country, instead of going abroad. Only 11% of travelers surveyed in Mexico say they will visit Europe, while a quarter (24.7%) plan to travel to other places in Latin America, although 42% believe that interregional costs are now more higher than in previous years.

Tourism continues to be one of the main sources of income for Latin American countries, which is why their governments are paying more attention to developing programs that maintain interest in the industry, not only for foreign visitors, but also for local tourists. Therefore, the countries surveyed are seeking to strengthen the national supply with improvements in infrastructure and financing systems so that all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can travel.


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