Phocuswright reveals hospitality market trends

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Phocuswright reveals hospitality market trends
Thu April 11, 2019

In a study presented by the consultancy it is emphasized that travelers expect more of the technology in their lodgings, the OTAs lead online sales and the rental of residences grows

During WTM in Sao Paulo, Phocuswright gave a presentation by Carolina Sass de Haro that left several revealing data about the hospitality market.

According to the study conducted by the consultancy, the 3 main trends for the means of hosting are:
-The travelers expect more of the technology in their lodgings
-The intermediaries lead online. What comes there?
-Rent of residences transforms the mix

Another aspect to take into account is that 65% of customers consider it important that hotels invest in technology to improve the experience.

The study highlights that tourists value the fluid contact with hotel staff and their recommendations. 62% of respondents usually contact the reception and 57% request some service, while more than 50% agree to receive recommendations that are useful.

Something that all hotel chains are betting on is loyalty programs, the report reveals that more than 66% of travelers would be members of a loyalty program if they received
more recommendations

Phocuswright warns in the study that the additional income of the airlines amounts to USD30 billion while in the hospitality market that field is still to be developed and travelers consider it useful to receive recommendations for complementary travel products.

Regarding the commercialization of hosting services, Phocuswright reports that OTAs dominate online distribution throughout the world. Even so, Europe is the market where more direct sales are made. The consultancy stresses that hotels can not compete with the investment of OTAs in marketing. For example attracts more than half of its traffic with paid ads.

According to the study, the loyalty programs of the hotel chains are not yet mature enough to counteract the strong sales of the OTAs. Marriott and Starwood for example have managed to achieve only 5% of their sales through their program.
Another vital fact is that travelers from 18 to 24 years who enrolled in a loyalty program in the last 2 years sought good prices but above all free Wi-Fi.


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