Changes in Mexico represent new opportunities for MICE according to IBTM Americas

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Changes in Mexico represent new opportunities for MICE according to IBTM Americas
Thu April 11, 2019

The closure of CPTM could allow the private sector to actively participate in the growth of the meetings industry


The recent closure of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM) has planted several doubts not only in the pleasure tourism industry, but also in the meetings industry, although in recent years this has been one of the most prolific and stable, because it is estimated that an average of 2.7 million tourists receive an economic income of 24.97 billion dollars.

On the subject, the meetings industry expert and director of one of the most important events in the sector, IBTM Americas, David Hidalgo commented "We at IBTM Americas, we see this situation as a great opportunity to join efforts and raise the game to the private initiative; It may be a good time to reinvent the industry and make Mexico visible all over the world, we just have to rethink the equation and include other actors in both investment and outward diffusion. Improving internal organization and strategy will be the key to collecting economic resources in new ways. "

For the Director of IBTM Americas, "the current challenge is to achieve a change in the promotion of Mexico in the eyes of the world, as well as to position domestic and foreign products related to this niche; for that, we have to communicate in a more effective way the advantages, the impact and the value of holding events or acquiring services here. Another very important point to highlight is that it should be made known that the tourism of meetings is not only beneficial for those who are directly involved in the activity, but also for businesses such as the restaurant, crafts, leisure and directly for the economy of the Destinations".

According to David Hidalgo, Mexico is highly competitive to host events of all types and sizes, as it has hotel infrastructure, transportation and facilities equipped to satisfy any client, for which it considered that the task now is to go out and sell to the destination and show the best that there is in him in national and international fairs. He also stressed the importance of having events in the country that attract buyers, as it is the case of Tianguis Turístico or fairs such as IBTM Americas, because they concentrate decision makers and the markets to which it is necessary to impact to maintain growth of the industry.

Finally, David Hidalgo noted that "One of the priorities of IBTM Americas is to offer a space to open new business opportunities and provide training to our visitors, because we are committed to Mexico being a benchmark in the meetings industry and, within little, it becomes one of the favorites in the world for the realization of events, because we know that it is something that benefits our sector and the economy of the country in general. "

IBTM Americas 2019 will take place in Mexico City this May 29 and 30 at Centro Citibanamex.


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