Buenos Aires presented the Tourist Intelligence System

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Buenos Aires presented the Tourist Intelligence System
Fri April 12, 2019

It will allow to anticipate the behavior of the demand from strategic markets

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires today presented the Tourist Intelligence System (SIT), a new tool that opens all information on tourism and uses big data techniques to improve decision making in the public and private sectors. The SIT visualizes in a simple and practical way large volumes of data that come from multiple sources of information.
From the Tourism Entity of the City, they affirmed that the site publishes 820 million records, as prospective data of reserves areas; arrival, origin, stay and expense of tourists; mobility in the neighborhoods, hotel occupancy data and rates and air connectivity. In addition, it displays them with dynamic and interactive graphics.
"Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors and an engine of the development of the City. Open this information is a key boost, because it enhances the competitiveness of the sector, and allows you to identify opportunities and trends from the data, "said Fernando Straface, General Secretary and International Relations of the government of Buenos Aires.
"It is an initiative that will improve the information available to hotels, travel agencies, airlines, chambers and associations, investors and entrepreneurs in the sector and improve the quality of decision-making in the sector. Any user can now access these data, "said Gonzalo Robredo, president of the Tourism Agency of the City of Buenos Aires.
The SIT integrates numerous sources of information from collaboration with other public and private organizations, such as the Tourism Secretariat of the Nation, Amadeus, Telefónica de Argentina and Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, among others. Access to the site is free and free, and is available to all users at http://turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar/obervatorio
Among other issues, the SIT will anticipate the behavior of the demand from strategic markets for the City, redefining marketing strategies identifying new target markets and improving the tourist affluence in gastronomic, sporting and cultural events.
"The handling of large volumes of information and the use of Big Data techniques allow complementing the statistical data obtained from traditional methods, being one of the elementary pillars to optimize decision making in the public sphere.", Added Federico Esper , general director of Market Intelligence and Observatory of the City Tourism Entity.
During the presentation of the SIT, from the Tourism Entity said that in the future they hope to include new sources of information, such as tourism consumption through the use of credit and debit cards, or analysis of purchases of foreign tourists with the system of Tax Free.


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