New Mexico promotion program will begin with tour operators from China

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New Mexico promotion program will begin with tour operators from China
Mon April 15, 2019

The new plan called "Operación Toca Puertas" will be implemented in the main issuing markets

The "Operación Toca Puertas" Program, as a new form of tourism promotion abroad, mainly with countries that send visitors to the country, will soon start with China's tour operators, informed the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

During a meeting held with the members of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels, within the framework of the work that took place at the Tianguis Turístico de México, Acapulco 2019, the head of the Ministry assured that with this proposal "we are going to take of republican austerity Mexican creativity "to carry out a specific promotion," with precision shots ", and supported by a platform system of the highest technology where are the most important search engines worldwide.

In this sense, Torruco Marqués announced that shortly the new alliance that has the Visit Mexico page will be announced, the second most visited, after Australia, with several international channels that will serve to revolutionize the tourist promotion through the networks.

He also announced that he is already in talks with some governors to accompany a commission of Sectur, along with their secretaries of tourism and airline managers, in order to expose the country's tourist offer to Chinese tour operators.

He explained that China has 124 million tourists who left this year, of which 22 million are very high purchasing power and in that market has been working for some time with Chinese tour operators of the most sophisticated, led by a delegation from that country .

To those tour operators who are interested in the jungle, archeological zones and cities of the Viceroyalty era, among other tourist places in the country, "we are going to invite you to the different states that respond to your expectations, and from that moment we will take care of them in the states that are present in this work tour; That's when the sale closes, "said the Tourism Secretary.

We must "remove the veil and see our reality. We have 15 countries above us in terms of attracting foreign currency, that their governments and their private sector have had more creativity to be able to detonate better the product that impacts the consumer, for something we are in the 40th place in spending per capita ", he mentioned.

The potentiality of a nation, he reiterated, is not measured by the number of tourists received, but by the currency captured. The place that Mexico has, is 16 in foreign currency and 40 in spending; "That is our point of reference to increase it, through innovation and better commercialization of the product, but a marketing with precision shots, not simply give generalized promotion."

"Not everything is the promotion, we will continue to do it, but specifically with" Operación Toca Puertas "and the new technological platform system where the international channels are going to support us, said Miguel Torruco Marqués.


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