Contact center: chatbots will not solve bad customer service

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Contact center: chatbots will not solve bad customer service
Tue April 16, 2019

The automated attention technology that is based on machine learning is
a strong trend, but companies must improve the basics as well as automate their processes

By Felipe Stutz, director of solutions for Latin America of Orange Business Services.

Customer service is probably one of the biggest Achilles heels of companies. It is no coincidence that web pages of online claims became a source of frequent consultation of consumers who want to know if, in the case of problems, they will be well served by the brands they consume. However, in the face of so many advances in recent years, the problem persists and shows that, alone, technology does not solve anything.

It is not difficult to see that the companies, in an effort to make the relationship with the customer more efficient and less expensive, bet on the chatbots. These robots, which use machine learning to learn and pretend to be a human being in conversations with consumers, aim to automate the attention to demands: from the simplest, as doubts, to the most complex, such as dissatisfaction with the product or service.

The enthusiasm surrounding technology leads consultants such as Grand View Research to estimate market growth at annual rates with an average of 24% until 2025, reaching US $ 1.23 billion in the same year. It is not for nothing that major players such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have bet on machine learning and chatbots.

However, there is a "but": the chatbot alone will not solve all the attention problems. It will only automate the processes and enhance the attention capacity, but if the customer service strategy is not well defined, technology can become another big problem and a cause of dissatisfaction.

A simple example is the consumer who needs to talk to the contact center the second time. The first time - be it by calling, SMS, chat or social network - the profile and the request or the client's problem should be recorded so that, in the next contact, the customer service representative already knows who the person is and their history with the brand. If, on the contrary, the consumer loses several minutes to explain his complaint again, there is a wear and tear. We all go through that kind of negative experience.

The ominichannel tools unite all the channels and allow the brand not only to identify the client, but also to have their history. This helps the customer service department provide services on any device and schedule, increasing comfort for the consumer and efficiency of the assistant. In this way, the strategy of attention should go beyond the idea of ​​implementing a chatbot, and think how that channel can help improve the customer experience.

There are the means and technology to ensure that customer service is carried out flawlessly, but many companies still leave that improvement aside because of the difficulty of calculating the return on investments, even if it is a fairly logical relationship: a satisfied customer Become a loyal customer.

In fact, there may be missing metrics on customer satisfaction and it is a good way to think about those indicators. For that, however, it is important that companies know clearly what business problems they intend to solve when contracting a contact center solution, considering that user dissatisfaction can be a fatal bottleneck for any organization.


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