Aruba Aloe Wellness Month: the perfect excuse to reconnect with happiness

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Aruba Aloe Wellness Month: the perfect excuse to reconnect with happiness
Mon April 29, 2019

In June, during the fourth version of the Aruba Wellness Month, the island will offer a wide variety of unique experiences for its visitors and residents to enjoy a healthy rest

The island expert in happiness and well-being, presents a new edition of the Aruba Wellness Month to motivate its visitors to rest, relax and verify that Happy Island is the best place to disconnect from routine and renew energies. New and recurring tourists can benefit from different promotions to enjoy a break that contributes to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

The goal is to improve all aspects of health during those four weeks. The hotels and spas participating in the program will offer various activities, from healthy cooking classes, yoga, pilates, spinning and dance therapy, among others.

According to the Director of Tourism of Aruba for Latin America, Miriam Dabian, "the island is ready to welcome tourists with total enthusiasm through the Aruba Wellness Month program, which includes a host of healthy activities to fully benefit the visitors and residents, through special discounts in the different events that make your visit a memorable rest and relaxation ".

One of the best plans is to combine the beach with a meditation session acclimated with the sound of the waves of the sea or a refreshing Aloe Vera treatment. The island is distinguished by having "the best aloe vera in the world", which prompted the creation of a private company that produces more than one million units per year (Aruba Aloe). This product is used in the production of cosmetics such as creams and sunscreens, medicines, detoxifying drinks and rejuvenating treatments offered at local spas.

To plan the trip, you can enter and know in detail the program of activities, packages and promotions available at participating hotels and spas.


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