The 45th Congress of Travel Agents of Argentina will be held in Mar del Plata

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The 45th Congress of Travel Agents of Argentina will be held in Mar del Plata
Mon May 06, 2019

It is organized by FAEVYT and has extensive government support. It will have the presence of more than 1000 participants and dissertations of the most important references of the tourism sector

During the morning of Saturday at the headquarters of the Municipal Tourism Entity (EMTur), the official presentation of the 45th Congress of Travel Agents took place in Mar del Plata on May 9 and 10. Organized by the Argentine Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations (FAEVYT) and with the support of the Tourism Secretariat of the Nation, the Tourism Subsecretariat of the Province of Buenos Aires and the EMTur, the meeting will bring together the more outstanding references of the sector in a framework of exchange and learning with networking spaces, thematic workshops, conferences and sectoral management workshops.

The announcement was led by Gabriela Magnoler, President of EMTur; Gustavo Hani, President of FAEVYT; Sebastián Salvia, President of the Association of Travel and Tourism Companies (AEVYT) Mar del Plata and Sudeste; and Nolberto Pezzati, member of the Board of Directors of FAEVYT.

Gabriela Magnoler, President of EMTur, explained that "the 45th Congress of Travel Agents is a very important event for Mar del Plata because it not only adds one more congress to our city and the Meeting Tourism segment, but because it means have more than 1000 participants who are going to visit our city and the region of countryside, sea and mountains. It is a pride that they have chosen us as their headquarters and that is why we work in an integrated manner with the Province and Nation, with the aim of achieving this event in the best possible way ".

Gustavo Hani, President of FAEVYT, said that "this congress returns to Mar del Plata after 12 years and we are very happy that it is so. It will be a very important edition because for the first time in almost 50 years we will discuss the regulation of travel agencies nationwide, which will change the reality of all agencies. "

"We will also have very important dissertations by Willy Kohan, Guillermo Oliveto and Jonatan Loidi, who will join workshops with all the topics that make travel agencies and their problems. We are very happy because we already have a record of online registrations and we are convinced that we will exceed 1000 participants from all over the country. In this context, Mar del Plata will have the challenge of showing itself to all travel agents in Argentina so that then the destination is sold more and more, "concluded Hani.

For his part, Sebastián Salvia, President of AEVYT Mar del Plata and Sudeste, added that "the fact that Mar del Plata is once again the seat of this important congress is a joy and we live it with a lot of commitment and work, also celebrating the joint work between the public and private sectors, and especially thanking the EMTur and FAEVYT. "

Nolberto Pezzati, member of the Board of Directors of FAEVYT, stressed that "this congress is of high impact for the sector not only because of the theme but also because of the active participation of the Nation, Province and Municipality, which will give the meeting a special physiognomy in the framework of the work in the new regulatory decree for the travel agencies that is being carried out by the Tourism Secretariat of the Nation, and that it is essential to aggiornate because today the country has 5600 agencies that are in need of a regulatory framework ".


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