98.5% of tourists would return to the Dominican Republic as a destination for recreation

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98.5% of tourists would return to the Dominican Republic as a destination for recreation
Mon May 06, 2019

A study presented by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) reveals a very high level of satisfaction among visitors to the Caribbean region

The results obtained from the Survey of Opinion, Attitude and Motivation applied to tourists who visited the Dominican Republic in 2018, show high satisfaction rates, according to the information collected by Infotur Dominicano, from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic (BCRD).

In this sense, the survey reveals that with respect to the opinion of tourists about returning to the country, 98.5% of those interviewed during 2018 answered affirmatively. This result shows the satisfaction of the visitors with the treatment received and the preference for the country when choosing a next destination for their recreation. In relation to the places visited, 72.9% of them answered that they would return to these tourist destinations.

Regarding the quality of the services received, they were classified by 73.6% as "excellent and very good", 21.1% considered them "good / acceptable" and only 0.4% gave a negative opinion "bad / very bad ", which indicates the high levels of quality of services offered to tourists in the country.

In agreement with the rating that the visitors granted to the services received during their stay in the country, 95.8% of those interviewed stated that their trip had met their expectations, reflecting the commitment as a tourist destination of our country in offering quality services that guarantee visitor satisfaction and motivate to return.

The main means by which they received information about the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination were friends / related (38.2%), travel agencies (36.4%), Internet (17.8%) and other means (7.6%).

Tourists reported that the main reasons why they chose the country as a destination to enjoy their vacations were: quality of beaches (35.0%), climate (17.3%), hospitality (18.1%), friends and related (9.5%) , reasonable prices (6.5%) and work (4.9%), among others.


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