Latin America's issuing market continues to grow in Barbados

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Latin America's issuing market continues to grow in Barbados
Corey Garrett, BTMI
Mon May 06, 2019

During Connect Barbados, we interviewed Corey Garrett, Director of the BTMI for Caribbean & Latin America. The executive has shared with us an overview of his business unit

Barbados is one of the destinations that has evolved the most in recent years in the Caribbean tourism market, during the Barbados Connect we interviewed Corey Garrett. Director of BTMI for Caribbean & Latin America. The executive mentioned: "After a great effort we have been able to visit 10000 Latinos because we have invested a lot in promoting the destination and we have also greatly improved connectivity through an agreement with Copa Airlines, the airline guarantees excellent connectivity with all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean".

"We seek to increase business throughout the region, we see a lot of potential for the future, today our main markets are Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador".

"Barbados is a destination that is always active, whatever month we have the best climate and we can offer all types of accommodation according to the budget of each visitor".

"We know that our region is very competitive but we are very well prepared, we have the best beaches in the Caribbean, a unique cuisine and our people offer a level of excellence towards tourists".

"By 2020 we hope to reach 50000 Latino visitors and we will try to reach 100000 by 2021. To achieve this we must close agreements with new airlines so that it can be reached more quickly and directly because for now the best option is to arrive via Panama or Miami".


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