Atlantis Paradise Island's big bet for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Atlantis Paradise Island's big bet for Latin America and the Caribbean
Juliana Batista, Atlantis Paradise Island
Wed May 08, 2019

During the Markethub we were able to talk with Juliana Batista, Sales Manager of the luxurious property located in the Bahamas. The executive reviewed its plans for the region

Atlantis, Paradise Island is a lush coastal resort located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. The destination is investing a lot to increase the number of Latino tourists year after year and the luxurious complex accompanies this effort. To know how it is currently, we have consulted during the Markethub to Juliana Batista, Sales Manager for Latin America. The executive mentioned: "It is the fourth participation in Markethub and we have always felt very comfortable, it gives us access to markets that we do not know in order to open business opportunities".

"The Latin American and Caribbean market is dynamic, now we see a fall in Argentina, Brazil is growing again after several years in decline, sales are increasing in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador and we also see an increase in the arrival of customers from Mexico. "

"We make a great effort to always show something new and we are finalizing the renovation of the Reef tower, in addition we are going to renovate the Royal Tower to new".

"We put a lot of focus on increasing entertainment options, now we organize night fairs with games for guests, we offer a show with cabaret style and every day there is a different programming."

"In addition we bet to make special events, for example, in the week of Thanksgiving we are going to organize a basketball tournament with the universities of the USA".

"We offer a super versatile, so we need a mixed commercial scheme, our economic product is ideal for managing through OTAs, while direct sales are growing for the luxury segment."

"Another aspect to highlight is that we are investing in technology to improve the experience of our guests."

"We see that the Bahamas is growing and has become a unique destination that can not be missed." We on our side bet on promoting a complex that today offers the best options for both the pleasure segments, such as MICE and weddings".


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