Amadeus and Optym partner with LATAM Airlines to improve route planning

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Amadeus and Optym partner with LATAM Airlines to improve route planning
Fri May 10, 2019

SkyMAX and SkySYM will update itinerary optimization functionalities

Flight itineraries are a central part of the airlines' offerings and have a significant impact on their revenues. New technologies allow airlines to develop more profitable, reliable, fast and easy to develop itineraries, generating more value in their business.

LATAM Airlines Group recently signed a multi-year agreement to implement two components of the Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym: SkyMAX and SkySYM. This will allow them to optimize flight itineraries with route planning and last generation programming solutions.

This agreement will allow the airline group to optimize its route network and generate new itineraries from the beginning with SkyMAX, which provides the only functionality in the industry to program from scratch (clean-sheet). This means that not only do you accept incremental changes from one itinerary to another, LATAM can make more profound changes. SkySYM works as a "digital twin" of an airline's operation to similar the reliability of the itineraries. It allows airlines to evaluate and maximize operational performance in the planning stage, before launching itineraries to operational groups. The result is a path that is both profitable and reliable.

 Renzo Vaccari, SVP Airlines Solutions of Optym, said: "Our studies show that SkyMAX can improve the airline's revenue by up to 10%, and SkySYM can increase on-time performance (OPT) by up to five percentage points, potentially unlocking tens of millions of dollars in incremental benefits annually. We are very excited for the opportunity to work with LATAM to carry out these benefits. "

Nicolas Salazar, VP of Network Planning at LATAM Airlines Group, commented: "With the largest network of routes in Latin America and more than 1,300 daily flights, including domestic operations in six countries and international flights across five continents, the process of building robust and profitable itineraries is highly complex.The technology will help us to make our planning processes more effective, reducing the time and resources used, while at the same time improving our performance in time and commercial offer, which will finally take us to offer a better service to our customers. "

Vicky Huertas, Latin America and Caribbean Commercial Amadeus VP Airlines commented: "We are very proud of the partnership with one of the best connected and most relevant airlines in the world, and we are confident that Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym will allow LATAM Airlines Group to reach its maximum potential of route networks".


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