Markethub presented in society the new era of Hotelbeds

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Markethub presented in society the new era of Hotelbeds
Fri May 10, 2019

During the event that concluded yesterday at Gran Palladium Costa Mujeres, the company showed the incredible potential it has to generate business alternatives for the trade


Yesterday, Markethub culminated after 2 intense days of conferences and one-on-one meetings. The event was held at the Gran Palladium Costa Mujeres hotel with the presence of 500 special guests.

About the closing of the event we interviewed Matías Elisavetsky, Regional Director of Sourcing of Hotelbeds, who we consulted about his perception of the show and the present market, the executive mentioned: "The reorganization was a long project but now we are open for business, we had We need to make changes and we are already able to offer the best conditions to our customers".

"We had a very good reception of this event, it was like a presentation in society of the company integrated with our new identity".

"We give more options more options so that our customers can compete against the duopoly that exists in the market Our suppliers are very confident that we can grow a lot, I think not all tourism sales are via Internet, there are operations by others channels, for example through special partnerships with banks, credit cards and closed clubs".

"We have advanced in a solution of guarantees and deposits designed in scale and will be doubled next year, not only in holiday destinations, but also in urban destinations".

"We invest a lot in technology, we have a great team that researches and adds the latest innovations to be able to offer our clients the best options, in addition to investing to have always implemented secure online payment options".


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