Tax refund for foreign tourists advances in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil

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Tax refund for foreign tourists advances in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil
Wed May 15, 2019

Tourism Commission of the House approves project that provides benefits for international tourists traveling through Brazil


CTur (Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies) approved, on Tuesday (14), the Complementary Law Project (PLP) 353/2017, which creates the Tax Free Program in Brazil. The measure aims to guarantee the return of taxes paid by tourists on purchases made during trips to Brazilian destinations, just as it already occurs in countries of the European Union.

The president of Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism), Paulo Senise, evaluates the program as another action that demonstrates Brazil's international opening and an incentive for more foreigners to come to the country. According to him, in 2019, international tourism has advanced with important achievements for the national tourist trade, such as visa exemption for strategic markets.

"The further referral of this project to the National Congress may result in the arrival of more international tourists to our destinations. It is yet another demonstration that Brazil has open doors and the increase in the entry of foreigners will generate economic and social impacts with generation of jobs and income, explains Senise.

The bill approved by the Tourism Commission, chaired by Mr Newton Cardoso Júnior, is now for consideration and vote in the Finance and Taxation Commission and the Commission on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. If approved, the matter follows for appreciation of the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.


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