Report made by ANATO reveals Colombian traveler trends

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Report made by ANATO reveals Colombian traveler trends
Wed May 15, 2019

33% of the travelers consulted make more than 2 trips per year; 38% go on vacation 2 times; and 30% on only one occasion during that period

The average time they spend planning a rest trip is around a month and a half, and trips last approximately 13 days.

Bearing in mind that one of the objectives of ANATO is to promote the professionalization of Travel Agencies, the Association hired the consulting firm Datexco to carry out the market study 'Behavior and preferences of the traveler in Colombia', in order to identify the profile of the tourist in our country and their behaviors, as well as create strategies for the Agencies, facing the challenges of global tourism. This initiative was carried out with a sample composed of 1,420 passengers at the airports of Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Medellín and Cali.
 "It is essential to know what tourists are looking for today, because the trends in this industry are constantly changing. With the opening of these research spaces, we will know what needs should be met by travel agencies, leading them to innovate and diversify their offer, "said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.
 The study, among other things, showed that 44% of the Colombian respondents are vacationing with their family and have an average cost per person of USD 500 for domestic trips and USD 2000 for international trips; On the other hand, 30% said that they travel alone; 17% with your partner; and 8% with friends.
 Those who claim to travel more than twice a year are the ones who tend to do it alone, spending on average USD615 on domestic trips and USD1.690 on international trips. Likewise, with 51% the foreigners surveyed are the ones who travel the most with friends, spending on average about USD 1,500 per person.
In relation to the average time spent for the planning of a trip of rest, generally they take around a month and a half, and the holidays approximately have a duration of 13 days. Those who travel once a year, spend about two months planning it.
Travel Agencies continue to be a main ally for these travelers when choosing them for aspects such as quality, savings in procedures, personalization and knowledge of the sector, security and confidence in the purchase, ease of payment, among others.


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