Buenos Aires, among the most chosen cities for business tourism

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Buenos Aires, among the most chosen cities for business tourism
Thu May 16, 2019

This is indicated by a new edition of the ICCA Ranking. Paris, Vienna and Madrid lead the global measurement. The tourism of meetings leaves annually US $ 600 million in the City


The City of Buenos Aires is among the eleven most chosen in the world to hold international meetings, according to a new edition of the annual ranking prepared by the International Association of Congresses and Conventions (ICCA, for its acronym in English). According to the measurement, Buenos Aires is the first city in America for this type of event and number 11 globally.

They rank first in the Paris index (212 events), Vienna (172), Madrid (165), Barcelona (163), Berlin (162), Lisbon (152), London (150), Singapore (145), Prague (136) ), Bangkok (135) and Buenos Aires (133).

"Buenos Aires compensates with very clear comparative advantages the geographic distance it has with the cities that concentrate the largest number of international events. Meeting tourism values ​​the City for its first-class cultural offer, its infrastructure for events and the local talent for organizing them, which is recognized throughout the world, "said Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the City.

During 2018, 532,447 foreigners traveled to the City for business reasons, a sector of tourism that leaves approximately $ 600 annually in the City, of which US $ 41.7 correspond specifically to the segment of meetings tourism (conventions and congresses) .

The ICCA ranking indicates that in 2018 a total of 133 international events were held in the City, representing 57% of the total number of congresses held throughout Argentina (232 in the country). The registry shows the growing tendency of the City as the venue for international meetings: in 2017, 131 international events were registered; in 2016, 103 meetings and, in 2015, 82 meetings.

To prepare the ranking, ICCA considers as international congress those conventions that have rotated by at least three countries, that have an attendance of at least 50 participants and that are carried out regularly. In that sense, global level 2018 marked a milestone in the number of registered meetings, with a total of 12,937 meetings in the year, an increase of 379 meetings compared to 2017 and the highest annual figure registered by ICCA.

"Buenos Aires is having unprecedented international visibility, which confirms its attractiveness as a global city and host of major events. Together with the private sector, we work on a Marketing Plan to consolidate ourselves as leaders of the Americas and enter the world's top ten in 2020, "concluded Gonzalo Robredo, president of the City Tourism Agency.

Global trends in meeting tourism
According to the latest report published by ICCA, which collects data since 1963, the number of international meetings has increased exponentially by approximately 10% each year, which means the number of meetings has doubled every 10 years. In the last 55 years, Europe has concentrated the largest number of meetings: however, its participation gradually decreased from 71.8% in 1963-1967 to 53.6% in 2013-2017.
It also indicates that the overall trend is to hold more meetings, but smaller, between 250 and 500 participants. And as the meetings become smaller, the global number of participants multiplies: the estimated total number of participants from all meetings grew from just over 2 million between 1963-1967 to almost 25 million in 2013-2017.
The average duration of the meetings was also reduced, from 5.78 days between 1963 and 1967 to 3.65 days between 2013 and 2017. Technological meetings show the highest relative growth in the last 55 years: they went from 6.1 % of the total between 1963 and 1967 to 14.4% between 2013 and 2017. Medical sciences continue to be the most popular sector with 16.6% of all meetings in the last 5 years, although they are losing ground with technology in the last two decades.


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