Sky Airline Chile improves its operational efficiency with Oracle ERP Cloud

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Sky Airline Chile improves its operational efficiency with Oracle ERP Cloud
Mon May 20, 2019

Since a year ago the leading low cost airline in South America began to implement Oracle ERP Cloud tools with Oracle Consulting


Digital transformation is a concept widely used by companies but it is not easy to find concrete examples of how organizations are carrying out this promise. In this context, Sky Airline Chile, the leading low cost airline in the country and South America, began to implement the Oracle ERP Cloud tools as an important step to become a truly digital company.

In the framework of a complete transformation of the business, Sky Airline opted for the Oracle ERP Cloud tool and for the Oracle Consulting service, to implement this project that is already improving its operational efficiency and customer service indexes.

With Oracle ERP Cloud, they have managed to optimize internal processes by implementing a digitalization at all levels, eliminating manual processes by 80%, reducing the closing time of monthly procedures by 50%, and minimizing the use of paper. , among other benefits. Sky Airline has prioritized financial and planning applications, such as Oracle ERP Cloud, to perform the migration to the cloud, since this places the company in a more solid and competitive position. The operational improvements and the consolidation and adaptation of the available information are just some of the main benefits that facilitate decision making and improve performance.

This March, Oracle solutions were fully implemented and Sky Airline Chiles experienced immediate results. "In the last 4 years we have gone from being a legacy airline to a low cost leader in the market. When we wanted to make this change, we thought about achieving it in different layers, with digitization being fundamental. Oracle Consulting was the ally that we selected for this total transformation, because not only does it deliver a complete and quality service, but they have supported us and simplified the processes of a decision that was not easy, for which a lot of value was needed , vision and desire to innovate, "says Jorge Mujica, director of technology at Sky Airline.

For the executives of the airline, the new solutions in the processes are not only a benefit for internal operations, but also for the attention and experience of the clients in terms of greater availability of time for employees to focus on more strategic tasks. . On the other hand, the ability to do without paper results in a direct care of the environment, an important element for an organization whose corporate responsibility stands out as a pillar.


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