Costa Rica promotes their destinations in IMEX Frankurt

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Costa Rica promotes their destinations in IMEX Frankurt
Tue May 21, 2019

The Central American country continues to strengthen its regional leadership in the MICE event that takes place from today until May 23 at the Messe Frankfurt

Costa Rica today begins a new participation in IMEX Frankfurt, an international MICE tourism event that brings together the most prestigious exhibitors and buyers in the world in an effort to strengthen this increasingly important market niche. The show represents thousands of opportunities to expand professional networks and connections. Costa Rica will promote the eight reasons why choose it as a destination. It is important to highlight that Costa Rica has been inaugurated the imposing new National Congress and Conventions located in the city of San José. The complex can host events of up to 6000 people but its versatility offers an ideal structure for conventions and conferences of all sizes. In addition, Costa Rica is a sponsor of the Hosted Buyers Lounge. The delegation that has traveled especially to the show includes important officials and businessmen.

In spite of the political and economic uncertainty in several corners of the world during the first quarter of 2019, this seventeenth IMEX will exhibit 318 exhibition stands where the participation of the Central American country as a regional power stands out.

Besides being characterized by its warmth and cultural traditions, this destination is recognized for its biodiversity, of which 5% of the global amount can be found here. Costa Rica, pioneer of the concept of ecotourism, has become one of the most visited destinations in Central America, by lovers of adventure, thanks to the beautiful landscapes of great natural intensity. Mountains, valleys, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, caves, forests, national parks, springs, hot springs and innumerable species of fauna and flora are just some of the natural options available for tourists to enjoy during their visit. 26% of the national territory is protected and, given the wealth it has in the wild, the National System of Conservation Protected areas the wilderness areas and national parks of the country, with the aim of preserving natural resources; Sources of life and generators of tourism.

In addition, Costa Rica is a pillar of sustainable tourism, an economic activity that respects the environment, causes the least possible impact and is friendly to the social and cultural environment of the country. Since 1997, the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism has implemented the Certification for sustainable tourism, a standard recognized by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as a pioneering program that has managed to change the course of tourism. Every day, more accommodation companies, tour operators, car rental companies and theme parks express their explicit commitment to the sustainable management of their companies, through specific actions such as the proper management of waste, the rational use of resources and the protection of the environment .


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