SMS, the most efficient channel to communicate with hotel guests

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SMS, the most efficient channel to communicate with hotel guests
Tue May 21, 2019

This is revealed by a study conducted by the technology company LoungeUp. It is highlighted that 62% of the messages are positive and guests click on 98% of the links included in the SMS

Guest Engagement Platform LoungeUp has completed a study on the effects of using SMS as a communication channel for guest engagement in hospitality. The study, published as an article on their website, illustrates how SMS is potentially the most efficient channel to increase guest engagement in hospitality.

After several months of study and scouring through thousands of messages between hotels and guests, LoungeUp found, amongst other things, that 86% guest SMSs received by hotels relate to arrival logistics. That 62% of messages are positive or extremely positive, 35% are neutral and only 2% are negative. And that 98% of links within SMS messages are clicked versus 47% in emails.

The study and report provides tips to hotels on how they can use SMS as a medium to increase engagement with guests as well as cautions on possible abuse and how to avoid them.

"We have been helping hotels create complete and holistic guest communications systems for many years, in working with hotels we've seen that SMS as a channel is under-utilised. Yet for people who travel this is often the best way to communicate important information. With this study we hope to help hotels around the world see the potential to engage with their guests in a way that will improve the guest experience," said Mathieu Pollet, CEO of LoungeUp.

You can view the report in the following link



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