Today starts MATCHER - Travel Business Opportunities

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Today starts MATCHER - Travel Business Opportunities
Tue May 28, 2019

The objective of the event is to promote Brazil destinations in international markets. 17 destinations, 100 Brazilian companies and 75 foreign companies meet in the city of Fortaleza

With the proposal to participate in the development of tourism in Brazil and show all its diversity, begins this Tuesday 28, at the Events Center of Ceará, the MATCHER - Travel Business Opportunities, a promotion action of Brazil for the international market that leads to Strength 17 destinations, more than 100 national companies providing tourist products and 75 foreign companies (buyers) from 24 countries, including Germany, Argentina, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Uruguay.

"With the aim of attracting more travelers to Brazil, we innovate in the promotion of our country abroad, bringing quality, relevance and effectiveness in the relations between international tourism buyers and Brazilian representatives of products from the most diverse segments of tourism", says Jeanine Pires, director of the MATCHER.

"The MATCHER event is very important because, after the hub of Air France, KLM, Gol and Latam, the demand for tourism in Ceará increased a lot," says Arialdo Pinho, State Tourism Secretary.

For the Secretary of Tourism of Fortaleza, Alexandre Pereira, the realization of the MATCHER in the destination makes it possible to further promote tourism in the capital of Ceará. "Fortaleza is one of the cities where the supply of international flights has grown the most, and international tourism generates a higher than domestic expense, and the arrival of more foreign visitors can help increase people's income, generate more jobs and At the same time attract investment ", ponders.

"The MATCHER will be held in a very important month for the Air France-KLM group, as we will celebrate the first anniversary of the operation of Fortaleza-Amsterdam-Paris Our presence as a sponsor is strategic, as the event adds knowledge and opens doors so that suppliers and buyers are in the same environment, looking for the best business alternatives We are optimistic with the potential of negotiations that can be concluded between suppliers and buyers during the event, and what this can represent in new passengers traveling between countries , whether for leisure or for business, "says Jean-Marc Pouchol, General Manager of Air France / KLM for South America.

The event counts with Gol, Air France / KLM, the Prefecture of Fortaleza and the State of Ceará as sponsors; Beach Park, Nettour and Tes Cenografia as agreed; and the Brazilian Luxury Travel Association (BLTA), Unedestinos, Brazilian Association of Resorts (ABR), and with the support of Tap Air Portugal, Copa Airlines and Azul.

Tourism in Fortaleza and Ceará
Fortaleza is increasingly consolidated as one of the main entry doors for international travelers in Brazil. According to the Secretary of Tourism of Ceará, in 2018 the city registered the arrival of 3,560,575 tourists, of which 342,690 were foreigners, representing 9.6% of Brazilian demand. The number of international travelers was 25% higher than the previous year, when the number of passengers from other countries reached 274,152.

At the moment, the Fortaleza International Airport has about 40 frequencies to 11 international destinations per week, and by the end of this year another two will be inaugurated. The results are already being felt. Between May 2018 and the last month of April, there was a 102% growth in the volume of foreign passengers, which rose from 251,854 to 510,823.

In recent years, the destination has become increasingly attractive attracting more and more tourists, which can also be seen with the increase in the average occupancy of the hotel in Fortaleza. As a comparison, in July 2006 the index reached 63.6% while in 2018 it reached 87.2%. At the same time, the number of lodging facilities grew 21.7%, reaching 247, and apartments 11.3%, totaling 11,758. Considering the entire state of Ceará, the numbers are even more positive: 66.1% increase in the number of lodging facilities (total: 1,734), 51.1% in the number of apartments (38,950) and 46.6% in that of beds (99,726).


Tourism was responsible for the generation of 229,555 formal and informal jobs in the state in 2018. Compared to the year of 2006, the number refers to an increase of 112%. Considering the impact on the Gross Domestic Product of the state, the sector accounts for 12.1%. In total, revenues were generated by R $ 18.1 billion in the last year, against R $ 7.1 billion in 2010, and the current per person / day expense is R $ 306.68 against R $ 143, 84 in 2010.

Of the total of foreign tourists with income in Brazil by Fortaleza in 2018, the French were at the forefront. Know the detail of the representativeness of each country:


1 France 19.28%
2 Italy 10.82%
3 Germany 10.10%
4 Argentina 9.82%
5 Portugal 7.67%
6 The Netherlands 7.16%
7 Switzerland 4.80%
8 United Kingdom 4.61%
9 United States 4.41%
10 Spain 2.84%


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