ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference 2019 opens its doors

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ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference 2019 opens its doors
Tue May 28, 2019

Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA, presented data on the uninterrupted growth that aviation has had in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last 15 years

Big Data, predictivity, the role of women in technical careers, cost reduction by leasing aircraft and an update of the IATA-CFM agreement were the main topics on the first day of the academic agenda of the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference 2019.
During the opening ceremony of the event, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA, presented data on the uninterrupted growth that aviation has had in Latin America and the Caribbean in the last 15 years, the economic and social growth projected for the region in the coming decades and how this will impact the use of air transport. De Oliveira stressed the importance of addressing the needs of infrastructure on land and air in the region, reduce operating costs, taxes and fees and eliminate barriers resulting from inefficient regulations to make possible the expected growth. Similarly, he explained that the region urges the harmonization of its regulations to better serve a global industry with a high degree of specialization.
The first panel of the agenda dealt with Big Data and Predictivity. Participants: Alex de Gunten, HEICO's Business Development Officer as moderator; Ahmad Zamany, VP of Technical Operations of Copa Airlines; Chris Markou, IATA Head Operational Cost; Mauricio Rojas Arteaga, Sales Managers Airline Applications of Skywise and Sebastian Binz, Team Leader Strategy & Innovation Projects of Eurowings.
Airlines generate an impressive amount of data through their operations that allow them to have greater understanding of their assets, anticipate maintenance needs (predictivity) and optimize the use of resources in operations. The debate focused on who owns the data and what is needed to take advantage of it.
Subsequently, Gonzalo Yelpo, Legal Counsel of ALTA; Daniel Kanter, Assistant General Counsel, Chief Counsel Global Antitrust and Competition Law of IATA; Brian Ovington, Marketing Director of GE; Jason Dickstein, President of MARPA / ASA and Francisco Sanchez, VP Strategic Sourcing Technical & Supplier Management of LATAM Airlines shared details about the concerns, objectives, commitments and the true impact of the IATA-CFM agreement for airlines, MROs, parts manufacturers and Other OEMs. This agreement marks a milestone in the possibility of considerably reducing the costs in parts and spare parts.
In the afternoon, two presentations were made: First a panel with Eric Hoogenkamp and Jaime Márquez, VPs Technical Asset Management of Air Lease on the best practices in return of rented aircraft and what this involves in terms of repair stations , suppliers, MROs and OEMs.
To close the academic agenda for the day, a panel on the participation of women in aeronautical maintenance races took place. Only 2.39% of aeronautical mechanics in the United States are women. The panel shared how to open the way for women in aviation, what is the importance of mentoring and how to develop a career in aviation.
Participants: Maria Victoria Guiraud, Head of Industry Relations of ALTA; Lee Kapel, President of TSI; Caroline Vandendrinck, VP Americas of SR Technics Tiziana Masullo, Vice President Services Sales and Contracts Management of ATR Americas and Liliana Bocanegra, Technical Procurement Director of Avianca Holdings.
To know in detail the conversations and shared data, tune the recording of the panels and presentations of the day here.
"Our industry is challenging, immediate and constantly requires us to reinvent ourselves quickly to meet the new needs and challenges of the market." The topics discussed today are a sample of the main trends that will allow us as an industry to significantly reduce costs and maximize efficiency to stay competitive in a region that today represents 8% of global aviation, it is expected that air traffic will double in the next 10 years in our region and we must be prepared, know the assets and get the most out of it of new technologies that will enable growth in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner, "said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA.


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