Cruise ship and automation grow

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Cruise ship and automation grow
Tue May 28, 2019

More than 25 million cruise passengers traveled in 2018, marking a 6.7% annual growth. By the year 2030 the number will rise to 40 million


In a market that grows and with a wide variety of offer, Travel Agencies have the challenge of preparing to expand their business, the automation of their business processes is the key to be competitive.

A market of great fidelity and potential

Some important facts that mark the growth of the cruise market:
● 48% of non-cruise passengers have considered cruising next year.
● 8 out of 10 reservations will be made through the travel agency
● Between 2017 and 2026 more than 120 new ships will be built
What should travel agencies do with the growth of cruise ships?

In view of the growing demand for cruises, travel agencies should increase their staff or automate their processes.
The reservation of cruises is complex. There is a wide range of variables when making decisions: date and time, destination, port of embarkation, ship, category, deck, excursions, etc. There are many options besides the necessary decisions both before and after the cruise, for example, flights, transfers and hotels.

Manuel Sardi, CEO of IST, explains the challenges: "Each shipping company has its specificities and each one has developed its API independently. Therefore, open solutions (XML) and other "keys in hand" are needed, according to each type of distributor and their objectives in online reservations. The way to increase sales and offer personalized attention to customers is to automate these processes. "

What solution exists to automate?
Through the hiring of a cruise browser service, you can centralize the entire offer of cruises in one place, access to each shipping company, view your inventory in real time, contract services, and other benefits. In this way, you will be spending time selling more cruises instead of looking for them individually.


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