IBTM Americas opens its doors in CDMX

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IBTM Americas opens its doors in CDMX
Tue May 28, 2019

About 3,800 visitors, 800 qualified buyers from around the world and 600 companies will be between now and tomorrow at Centro Citibanamex

Between and today and tomorrow IBTM Americas takes place, the event takes place at the Citibanamex Center. It is worth remembering that the Mexican capital receives the convention for the second consecutive year.

David Hidalgo, Director of IBTM Americas said "The Mexican capital has all the requirements to host events of international standing, the connectivity in transport is good and varied; It also has excellent venues such as the place we select; there are large capacity hotels and first class professionals. For those reasons, we bet again on the city to carry out the event. "

Likewise, during the presentation Lourdes Berho, Brand USA Director in Mexico, guest country commented: "I thank IBTM Americas' consideration of the United States as a guest country to this cutting-edge event in the meetings industry, where the United States, according to The statistics of ICCA, has been consolidated as the number one country in the realization of congresses worldwide and with the greatest connectivity between destinations of the continent, unprecedented in history. The bridge set up by IBTM Americas has consolidated the development of new businesses in various sectors with a significant economic impact in all countries. "

The event is expected to have 3,800 visitors. In addition, there will be the participation of 800 qualified buyers from around the world and 600 companies, which will generate 13,000 business appointments; which translates into approximately 1,000 million USD. IBTM Americas will also have an extensive educational program that includes 6 specialized forums, given by around 50 high level speakers (national and international).

The speakers pointed out that, currently, the meetings industry contributes 1.5 trillion dollars to the world GDP and generates 26 million jobs in the world; according to the study "Global Economic Significance of Business Events" conducted by the Events Industry Council.

For its part, North America has 329.7 million participants in the industry and Latin America 91.2 million.

As for Mexico, the International Association of Congresses and Conventions (ICCA), points to the country in the 24th place worldwide in the organization of conventions with 172 annual events.

Regarding the national industry, David Hidalgo emphasized: "We, like IBTM Americas, consider that the current situation of the country can be an opportunity to join efforts and include in the game the private initiative that before maybe did not have as much participation. It is time to reinvent the industry and put Mexico in the international spotlight. For this, it is necessary to rethink an equation that includes other actors both in investment and outward diffusion. Improving the organization and internal strategy, is essential to accumulate economic resources in new ways.

Finally, the speakers agreed that IBTM Americas is the most important event for the Meeting Industry in Mexico and LATAM; which next year will celebrate its 10th anniversary.


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