The meetings industry generates an annual spill of 25 billion dollars in Mexico

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The meetings industry generates an annual spill of 25 billion dollars in Mexico
Thu May 30, 2019

When inaugurating IBTM Americas, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico asked the members of the value chain of this segment to be generous and report their events to ICCA

The Industry of Meetings has a special relevance for Mexico, since it represents an annual spill of 25 billion dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 1.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the country, affirmed the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

When inaugurating this afternoon the IBTM Americas 2019, at the Banamex Center in Mexico City, the head of the Ministry of Tourism said that, according to the latest official studies, this segment of tourism generates more than one million jobs and occupies 29 million quarter-nights a year, a figure that represents 21 percent of the quarter-nights occupied in the Mexican Republic.

Another fact that illustrates the importance of this industry is that of the total of food and beverages consumed by tourists in Mexico, a quarter corresponds to meeting attendees.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism recalled that one of the main objectives of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is to increase revenues from foreign tourists, and that the benefits of tourism activity permeate the local population.

"In this work, the Meeting Industry is especially important because the national and international participant in congresses, conventions, incentive trips and exhibitions travels with a larger budget and spends 53 percent more than the pleasure tourist. In addition, it helps to improve the quality of life of local communities in the long term, incorporating social responsibility programs, detonating investments and contributing to improve the reputation of destinations, "explained Torruco Marqués.

He recalled that Mexico was the third country that, using the Tourism Satellite Account and methodology of the World Tourism Organization, could measure the economic relevance of Meeting Tourism and today there are similar exercises in 18 other nations.

The Secretary of Tourism added that in terms of world congresses, recognized under the criteria of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), there are more than twelve thousand 900 events that rotate across all continents, an amount that doubles every ten years.

In the American continent, the United States is the leader with 947 events, followed by Canada, with 315; Brazil, with 233 and Argentina, with 232. Mexico occupies the fifth position with 172.

While, on a global level, the first position also belongs to the American Union, the second is for Germany, with 642 meetings; and Spain occupies the third place, with 595. Mexico ranked in place 24.

"Mexico is consolidating more and more in this growing market niche. However, I ask all players in the value chain of the Meeting Industry to be generous and report their events to ICCA every year, so that our leadership is truly reflected internationally, "Torruco Marqués urged.

The IBTM Americas is the international commercial platform that connects the most important players in the Meetings Industry throughout the Americas.

This time it will have the participation of more than 600 exhibiting companies, among which are 45 national and 40 international destinations, close to one hundred foreign and 200 Mexican companies, adding a total of four thousand attendees, with 325 buyers from Latin America, 150 from the United States and Canada, 25 from Europe, five from Asia and 325 from the entire Mexican Republic.

"According to information from the organizers, more than thirteen thousand business appointments are planned, with a billion-dollar trading potential, which is very encouraging," he said.

Miguel Torruco congratulated the Mexican Board of the Meeting Industry (Comir), through its president Jaime Salazar, for the great tax they are giving to this activity; recognized Reed Exhibitions, organizers, sponsors and all those involved in this international fair, for choosing Mexico City as their headquarters for this year; and affirmed that it is a great sign that Brand USA, "led in Mexico by our friend Lourdes Berho", is the guest country on this occasion, demonstrating the importance of IBTM Americas as a business bridge.


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