Hilton celebrates its centenary with "spontaneous acts of hospitality" and a new Foundation

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Hilton celebrates its centenary with "spontaneous acts of hospitality" and a new Foundation
Thu May 30, 2019

The first global hotel company in the world, will celebrate its centenary tomorrow in the most dynamic year in the history of the company

To commemorate the occasion, hundreds of hotels around the world, including the Caribbean and Latin America, are extending Hilton's hospitality beyond its doors with "spontaneous acts of hospitality" in their communities, from Buenos Aires to Mexico City and from Aruba to Rio de Janeiro.
As she looks ahead to her next century, Hilton also today announced the creation of The Hilton Effect Foundation, which will help create a better world for travel by investing both in organizations and in people who have a positive impact on the communities Hilton serves. . The launch of the Foundation this week will be made with 15 donations to organizations that will support communities around the world, including Latin America. These inaugural donations will support programs around the world that create opportunities for youth, assist in disaster recovery and support water management and sustainability.
The Foundation takes advantage of the impact already generated by Hilton through its corporate responsibility strategy called "Travel with Purpose", which seeks to double the company's investment in social impact while reducing Hilton's environmental footprint by half. the year 2030. Since the creation of "Travel with Purpose" in 2011, Hilton Team Members have completed more than 1.3 million hours of volunteer service and the company has invested tens of millions of dollars in the communities it serves. . As Hilton's main international philanthropic arm, the Foundation will channel financial and in-kind resources to further expand the Hilton Effect, the continued positive impact of the world's first worldwide hospitality company on guests, Team Members and communities.
Celebrating its centenary with hospitality and a global Foundation reflects the vision that sets Hilton's foundation.

"One hundred years ago, Conrad Hilton had the noble idea that traveling can make the world a better place," said Chris Nassetta, president and CEO of Hilton. "That deep sense of purpose has driven our transformative impact around the world, as we have received 3 billion guests, given work to 10 million Team Members and contributed 1 trillion dollars in economic impact. And in the coming years, we will do even more to positively change the world through our foundation, Hilton Effect Foundation. "

Past and present
Founded in 1919 in the small city of Cisco, Texas, Hilton has been a pioneer in the tourism industry for decades, introducing in-room service, air-conditioned lobbies, in-room televisions, airport hotels, the minibar, a computerized reservation system and Connected Room, the first hotel room that allows guests to open their doors and control lighting, thermostat and TV with a mobile app for smartphones. Hilton's properties even invented brownies and pina coladas.
Hilton now offers 17 differentiated brands in 113 countries and territories, with more than 5,700 properties, and continues to grow with the daily opening of a new hotel somewhere in the world. Hilton arrived in the Caribbean and Latin America in 1949 with Caribe Hilton, which was the first international hotel of the brand and the birthplace of the piña colada. Today, the company has a portfolio of almost 150 open hotels and resorts and welcomes travelers in 24 countries in the region, while it has more than doubled its presence over the past five years.

Looking at the future
With one of the fastest growing development portfolios in the industry, Hilton plans to expand to almost 20 additional countries by 2020. Construction of more than 2,400 Hilton hotels is already planned, and approximately one in five hotel rooms in construction in the world is from Hilton. In the Caribbean and Latin America, the company already has about 90 hotels in development of 14 different brands and in more than 25 countries.
The company's legacy of driving innovations that transform the hospitality industry will also continue in 2019 and beyond with the continued expansion of the Connected Room, the first connected hotel room focused on mobile devices.
On the other hand, Hilton continues its commitment to the Travel with Purpose initiative. Hilton is the first major hotel chain to institute science-based goals to reduce its carbon footprint as part of its ambitious 2030 goals, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Hilton was also the first hotel company to partner with Clean the World to recycle soap, and has already sent nearly 10 million bars of soap to needy communities around the world as part of its commitment not to throw soap at municipal dumps.
As part of its efforts, the hospitality giant has also launched a community service initiative called "spontaneous acts of hospitality." Team Members on Hilton properties around the world are making simple, but significant gestures for others, which extend Hilton's hospitality beyond the doors of their hotels and take it to local communities.

Some of these gestures in the Caribbean and Latin America include:
In Argentina, Hilton Buenos Aires offered a breakfast in the community to brighten the morning to local residents, including the staff of the Naval Prefecture who is responsible for security in Puerto Madero.
In Brazil, Hilton Barra Rio de Janeiro distributed the famous Hilton brownies originally created at the Palmer House Hilton in a shopping mall, while the Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi invited taxi drivers who have been working near the hotel for more than a decade, Enjoy a Hilton breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
The brownies were also a sweet start to the day in Bogotá, Colombia, where the Team Members of Hilton Bogotá Corferias visited two radio stations and surprised both the staff and the audience.
In Mexico City, Team Members offered a meal for 100 children from Hogares Providencia, an institution dedicated to rescuing street children and offering them accommodation, education and food.
In Peru, Hilton Lima Miraflores Team Members surprised the local police department, the fire station and public servants with meals and refreshments, while the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco team helped the community begin their day with Much pleasure offering coffee in the Plaza de Armas, the main square of the city.
Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino surprised residents with chocolate spread over five high-traffic spots across the island.
"Our Team Members have provided the warmth and light of hospitality in the Caribbean and Latin America for 70 years, keeping guests at the heart of everything we do and giving life to the mission of Conrad Hilton," said Jorge. Giannattasio, senior vice president and head of operations for the Caribbean and Latin America at Hilton. "As we celebrate our most dynamic year, we are inspired by the spirit of our Team Members and we hope together to begin to shape the next 100 years of hospitality in the region."
From the beginning, Hilton's source of innovation, purpose and growth has been its Team Members. Hilton has been recognized for its exceptional work culture and is the first hospitality company in history to reach No. 1 on the Fortune list as one of the best companies to work for in the US. UU In addition, in 2018, Hilton ranked first on the list of best places to work for diversity and for parents and second on the list of the best companies to work in the world, recognized by Great Place to Work®. In Latin America, Hilton was recognized by Great Place to Work® in 2018 as one of the best places to work in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Latin America, and this year it has already received Great Place to Work awards in Colombia, Mexico and as one of the best multinationals to work in Latin America.
"Our first century of hospitality has been tremendously significant, but I really believe that our moment is now," said Nassetta. "Hilton is as solid as ever, and our potential to generate positive change in the world grows with every hotel we open and with every guest we serve."
"Our hundredth year of hospitality is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and to bet on the future. Conrad Hilton set an ambitious tour for Hilton in 1919, and I think he would be proud of what we have achieved so far. From my point of view, the world is a better place because Hilton was born a hundred years ago and, if we do our job well, the world will be a better place because Hilton will be there for the next hundred years".


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