The first coastal tourist corridor has been developed in Costa Rica

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The first coastal tourist corridor has been developed in Costa Rica
Fri May 31, 2019

Includes the Santa Elena Peninsula, Salinas Bay and the coastal communities: El Jobo, Puerto Soley, Cuajiniquil and La Cruz

The first coastal tourist corridor of Costa Rica CTC is located in the canton of La Cruz Guanacaste, with the creation of a marine protected area, in an area that offers a natural resource full of diversified fauna, gastronomy, landscapes, national parks.

The Corridor includes the Santa Elena Peninsula, Salinas Bay and the coastal communities: El Jobo, Puerto Soley, Cuajiniquil and La Cruz, who among 150 international proposals won in France the tourist potential project that made them creditors of $ 150,000 destined to form the Corridor.

For six years, neighbors and businessmen of the area began to meet with organizations to know the potential they have geological, archaeological, biological, historical and landscape, an area endowed with a lot of wildlife, including marine species: dolphins, whales, turtles, the whale shark in danger of extinction, various species of rays, starfish. A place where you can easily see two-toed sloths, three species of monkeys, restaurants with viewpoints that allow the view of a whole bay.

Turistically the waters of Santa Elena offer sightings of dolphins and whales, as well as the landscapes of the place, recognized as one of the few places in the world where you can observe rocks of the terrestrial mantle that moved more than 50 km from the depths of the planet and whose age exceeds 150 million years. The exposed fossil reefs are one of the remnants of the Tethys Sea, ancient sea of ​​the dinosaur era, whose fauna has given the keys to know the origins of Costa Rica, its context and tectonic evolution.

"It is important to explain that this is an effort that comes from the funds of an international organization called the Waitt Foundation that, through Costa Rica Forever, dedicates funds for all the growth of all these communities, through a council that calls the COLAC, which is the Local Council of Conservation Areas, "explained Mauricio Aymerich, Director of the company The Real Service, tourism consultants in charge of marketing CTC.

According to Aymerich, the COLAC with these funds makes all the efforts for the creation of the CTC among many actions such as the network of family inns, for example, as well as the recognition and integration of all the attractions that start from La Cruz with restaurants. , like the "Arrecife", as well as everything that is along the road at the beach level, important haciendas such as the Cenízaro, which brings together the essence of Guanacaste with ATV tours to get to know the area or horseback riding very own of the region.

Quebrada de agua, another lookout project with lodging and restaurant is important in the area, with personalized rodeo and complete views; until kitesurfing on the beaches of Copal and Papaturro. In addition to the important historical attraction of Santa Rosa National Park.

The Coastal Corridor offers lodgings from relatives, small hotels and the all-inclusive luxury Dreams tides, hotel group that with an important investment collaborated in the development of the canton in all its areas: educational, environmental, road network and even with the donation of the aqueduct.

According to the director of the company The Real Service, this set of activities will be promoted on a website that is under construction, along with a tourist map showing all the services and products of the Coastal Tourism Corridor, to guide those who like to visit the area.


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