RIU joins the UN program for a "No Air Pollution planet"

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RIU joins the UN program for a "No Air Pollution planet"
Wed June 05, 2019

The hotels invited staff and clients to participate in reforestation and garbage collection

On World Environment Day, RIU Hotels & Resorts has added another year to the United Nations Organization program for a planet without air pollution, in order to face one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time: the pollution in the atmosphere and emissions of greenhouse gases. To do this, RIU has organized tree plantations in its hotels around the world, as well as cleaning waste in different public areas of the surrounding communities. A large-scale environmental action, which has received the collaboration of the staff, the clients themselves and the local community.

The purpose of RIU Hotels with this action is to produce a positive long-term impact and not just an annual sporadic action. For this, all the plantations have been defined by some very important characteristics to be taken into account by the team of responsible gardeners and all the participants.

For example, they have opted for native plants that adapt to the climate and local soil, as well as being more resistant; the climatic characteristics of the place and of the soil where the plantations were made have been taken into account with regard to water, light and temperatures and, above all, their characteristics, dimensions and later utility, such as offering shade to places of much Pass employees and customers, or provide fruits and vegetables to the hotel itself.

In this regard, more recommendations were proposed to be carried out during World Environment Day such as using public transport, car sharing, cycling or walking, opting for a hybrid or electric vehicle, and requesting electric taxis from customers. Likewise, it was recommended to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible to save energy and avoid CO2 emissions by turning off air conditioners or lights in common areas. Next to the "Desafío de las mascarillas", the hotel Riu Plaza Panama took the initiative to offer its facilities for the collection of the electronic elements of all those citizens who want to recycle them.


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