Brasilia emerges as an international tourist destination

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Brasilia emerges as an international tourist destination
Wed June 05, 2019

One of the goals of Embratur is to work the capital as a gateway for foreign tourists in Brazil


With an eye to the high potential of the federal capital, Cultural Patrimony of Humanity and cradle of modern architecture, Embratur (Brazilian Institute of Tourism) intends to work together with the Government of the Federal District and private initiative to leverage Brasília as an international tourist destination . From June, four new direct flights will begin to be operated to the capital, from Cancun (by Gol, as of this month), Santiago, Lima and Asunción (from October, by Latam). These new sections will be incorporated into existing ones, Lisbon, Miami, Buenos Aires, Orlando and Panama.
Recently, during BTL (Tourism Exchange of Lisbon), one of the main tourism fairs in the European market, an action led by the Government of the Federal District announced the partnership with the airline TAP Portugal for the Stopover Program, which will open a possibility of increase of 20 thousand European visitors annually in Brasilia.
With the program, the international tourist who travels to Brazil can meet at least two destinations, without additional costs, and extend the stay in up to five days in the country. In addition to Brasília, the first cities to participate in the program are Recife (PE), Salvador (BA), Fortaleza (CE) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
The progressive increase of interest in Brasilia can already be seen in the flow of domestic tourism. The search site Kayak released a survey about a week ago that shows a 155% growth in demand for the city by Brazilians.
The president of Embratur, Gilson Machado Neto, believes that Brasília's potential can be explored in Brazil's international promotion: "We have a unique capital. It was from Brasilia and Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte, that the world knew the modern architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. Let us take advantage of this potential and show the beauties that exist in our capital. Already thinking about it, we have a partnership with the Secretary of Tourism, GDF, Vanessa Mendonça, which will greatly facilitate the execution of the actions together, "he points out.
The city of Brasília will also be focused on capturing international events. To intensify this, the city was, for example, chosen as Ibero-American capital of Culture in 2022. This action will bring several events to the city in this period. "Medium and high impact events bring people to the city, increasing their flow of tourists, and Brasilia can and should invest in this attraction to be another interesting option for organizers of fairs and congresses around the world," says Gilson Machado.

The new flights and the growth of the international tourist flow will benefit from the infrastructure of the Brasília International Airport - Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, the third largest in the country in international passenger traffic.
It is the terminal with the largest track capacity in Brazil and the only one in South America operating simultaneously parallel runways. The equipment is expected to receive 41 million passengers per year and in 2017 received a total of 17 million, with almost 500 thousand international passengers.


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