Punta Cana leads the nightlife of the Caribbean

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Punta Cana leads the nightlife of the Caribbean
Wed June 05, 2019

More and more hotels are betting on having their own bars and clubs for guests and tourists

The Dominican Republic is a destination that receives thousands of tourists per year both for its landscapes and the Caribbean climate, but lately its nightlife is the main reason why more and more travelers come to know Punta Cana.

This is why both the hotels and the facilities of the Caribbean, are betting big on their own bars, in which guests may or may not sit down to have a very nice drink or hang out.

One of the pioneer hotels of this activity is the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. This hotel has within its establishment the most important nightclub in Punta Cana, Oro Night Club, and also 5 bars-lounges. The experience offered is the best and most exclusive nightlife in the Dominican Republic.

His Oro disco is staffed by expert waitresses and bartenders and has a great security team that treats everyone like rock stars. It is icon of the nightlife of destiny. This is why many celebrities around the world choose to go there.

But this hotel also has other options if what you are looking for is a quieter or different night from the rest, one of those experiences includes the most refreshing drinks in its bars and lounges, the best entertainment with theme nights, DJs and local and international artists , All in the same place.


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