FIEXPO Latin America starts in Santiago de Chile

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FIEXPO Latin America starts in Santiago de Chile
Mon June 10, 2019

The event become an integral platform that generates high value business, exchange of knowledge with leaders of the main international entities

From June 10 to 12 this year the XII edition of Fiexpo Latin America will take place in the city of Santiago de Chile, a Fair that has achieved a strong and extraordinary position in the market of meetings, events and incentive trips, with a unique highlight in the region, each edition being far superior to the previous one, hand in hand with a permanent innovation in all the key areas of the sector, multiplying the business opportunities for its exhibitors with unique characteristics that make it different.

In an extremely competitive world, where the market for meetings and events is no stranger to this reality, business fairs remain firm as invaluable pillars of business generation. According to recent studies, companies are still investing much of their budgets in this type of events that allow direct contact with customers, intermediaries, leading industry entities, influencers of this market and colleagues, thus generating multiple opportunities than any other type of tool facilitates so effectively and where technology helps but does not replace the value that these fairs generate with each contact established during meetings that are kept within a strictly established agenda.

FIEXPO Latin America has managed to become that integral platform that fully complies with everything mentioned above, generating high value business, knowledge exchange with leaders of the main international entities of the industry, permanent update of the main trends that dynamize our business, contact with intermediaries and influential people, both in the private and public sectors, and establishing new strategies to generate new opportunities for the destinations and companies that represent them.

The Political Forum of FIEXPO has established a before and after in the form of relationship between the public and private sectors, where in important debates it has been possible to pool and establish an almost permanent cooperation in all the destinations in the hand of this important work of exchange and awareness, where for the first time in the region the importance of our business has been understood and how to work together to be able to develop it successfully, having generated a strong change in that sense.

FIEXPO and its alliance with ICCA International is not something minor; Today this Fair is the strategic partner of ICCA, being its Association Relations Partner in Latin America and its Spanish Champion, where together they have marked as main objective the development of a greater number of businesses coming from the professional associative market, helping the entities to work more professionally and also to explore the generation of new meetings and events that today can be achieved in the same way as those that take place in Europe, for example.

It is the place where all the official activities of ICCA are carried out and where together with other entities such as SITE, IAPCO, AIPC, PCMA, UFI, COCAL, ACCCLATAM, Latin Caribe Bureau and ASAE develop multiple activities and where each exhibitor or visitor, as well as as the Buyers themselves find and experience the new market trends and challenges.

Since its inception, FIEXPO was proud to say that it is a FAIR for Latin Americans organized by Latin Americans, but with a global business vision that highlights it in the regional and international context. FIEXPO has established its own personality and identity that differentiates it in the regional context with a strong vision of the future without neglecting the present.

The next few years will be of great challenges and changes; FIEXPO will organize its 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions in Colombia, a country whose leadership in this sector has been demonstrated by its great work in the last 10 years and where FIEXPO will undoubtedly give new impetus to the regional business working as a team with this great country.

The XII edition of FIEXPO in Santiago will be incredible, with new proposals and much innovation, but mainly because its business generation platform will continue to grow with new buyers from traditional sectors and other new sectors that have entered the market with new proposals and opportunities that are already a reality in the region and that multiply business meetings and events for all of Latin America.

As a great colleague of this sector said; If you seriously think about this business, you can not stop participating in FIEXPO Latin America.

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