Bariloche expects better seasons of snow in recent years

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Bariloche expects better seasons of snow in recent years
Mon June 17, 2019

Greater air connectivity, new proposals and infrastructure and the arrival of tourists from all over the region, will turn Bariloche into the capital of Argentine winter

The Patagonia city of Bariloche has become one of the favorite destinations for Chileans in terms of study trips, to where they reached between 40 and 50 thousand young people during the last months of 2018. But not only that, the economic context has created a favorable exchange scenario for Chileans who decide to do trans-Andean tourism.
International analysts have already said, during 2019 large numbers of Chileans are expected crossing the mountain range and a significant decrease in the Argentine public in Chile.
Just a few weeks from the beginning of Winter Holidays, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the main attractions offered by one of the capitals of winter tourism in our neighboring Argentina: Bariloche.

News in the mountains
The Ski Center of Cerro Catedral prepares for winter: a new Magic Carpet, installed at the base of the mountain; improvements in the Panoramic Track and in the snow making system; top-level events, such as the International Congress of Patrollers and the World Volleyball in the Snow; and improvements in infrastructure and lifting equipment.
One of the emblematic tracks of this ski center is the Panoramic, which allows a tour around the edge of the mountain and offers an unparalleled view of the Andes Mountains and the lakes of the region. This track was prepared for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy their descent to the fullest, framed in a unique natural environment, which included the redesign and construction of the upper ski lift station La Hoya.
In addition, for fans of adrenaline, is the "Cathedral Snow Park", which this year will have new modules, which will demand the maximum decade snowbord. As every year, it will be the scene of different first level competitions. From September 7 to 14, the Cathedral will host the International Congress of First Aid Rescuers from around the world.

Otto Hill
Cerro Otto is a complex of activities, which includes a traditional rotary confectionery, an art gallery, micro cinema, panoramic terraces, funicular on the summit and a paragliding flight simulator. A place to play and have fun with walks, sledges and games in the snow. In addition, it has free transportation from the center of Bariloche and is one of the main tourist products of the city.

Nordic ski center
10 kilometers of tracks, very close to the center of Bariloche. A place that allows you to ride in quadricycles with caterpillars in the snow, enjoy a mountain night in a shelter of your own or walk with snowshoes.

Valley of Challhuaco
Only 20 kilometers from Bariloche, the Challhuaco Valley and its amazing lenga forest is the ideal place to do mountain recreational activities. Walking the trails of the valley you can see the forest's wildlife, panoramic viewpoints and a frozen lagoon.

White stones
An amusement park in the snow, near the center of the city. The ride includes the possibility of enjoying snow sledding on 4 tracks of 800 meters. Or a night option, with dinner included.


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