Hyatt, strategic growth in Latin America

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Hyatt, strategic growth in Latin America
Ruben Carrillo, Hyatt
Tue June 18, 2019

The hotel chain has been advancing strongly in our continent. For details, we interviewed Ruben Carrillo, Regional Vice President of Sales for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House

Hyatt is one of the hotel chains that has best studied the market demand and the needs of its customers, so it has invested to be present in the main destinations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To learn more about the company's current situation, we interviewed Ruben Carrillo, Regional Vice President of Sales for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House.

Taking into account the purchases and mergers that occurred, how is Hyatt positioned today to stand out and compete?
"We follow our same line of expansion, we know that there are challenges and challenges in the industry, however, we focus on guiding development opportunities to maximize the impact of Hyatt within the sector, we believe that competition is good as it makes us look for way to be better and to innovate in the services we offer our guests, example of this was Hyatt's latest acquisition with the Thompson brand that expands the hotel offer we have for our clients. "

What plans are there for creating new brands or possible debuts in Latin America and the Caribbean?
"At Hyatt we always want to be the preferred brand of our guests, clients and business partners, so at all times we look for ways to innovate how to offer new services and hospitality, always keeping in mind that our goal is to grow with intention and We work continuously to analyze the needs of our guests so that in this way we can create and make mergers that fit the profile of each one. "

In what other markets are you thinking of investing? What are the priority countries within Latin America in terms of operations?
"As I mentioned in the previous question, at Hyatt we believe in growing with intention and with purpose, we know that we must be in destinations where our clients want us, which means establishing a presence in new markets in the region. With a focus on Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Central America, we are expanding our portfolio of select services in the regions, in March of this year we opened the sixth Hyatt Place hotel in Aguascalientes in Mexico, and plan to open two more hotels under this brand in Aruba and Bogotá ".

How do you describe the news of the World of Hyatt loyalty program?
"Born as a global Hyatt platform based on the simple idea that a little understanding can go a long way, since its inception our commitment has been for that simple idea to go beyond borders to build genuine and reliable experiences to engage the guest community. Our efforts have led us to create alliances with large companies in the sector such as Small Luxury Hotels, American Airlines, among others, and of course we recently announced the FIND platform as part of the World of Hyatt, Through it the members of the loyalty program can enjoy great experiences in many more destinations. "

How do you analyze the current situation of the hotel segment in Latin America? How is the region today compared to other areas?
"We are in a moment of growth, expansion and continuous learning, the growth we have achieved in Latin America over the last decade represents an important impetus for Hyatt's strategic global growth, and we hope to continue growing in both urban and leisure destinations. the region".

How is the work with the OTAs? And with the traditional travel agencies? What are the biggest challenges to face?
"We are a company that sees technology as an opportunity to improve the attention to our clients and colleagues, but who in turn believes in the power of human connection." For us it is important that each of the parties we work with support our strategy of continuing to offer our guests experiences focused on their well-being".

What are the differential factors of the brand for other large international hotel chains?
"Everything we do is guided by our purpose, to take care of people so that they are their best version, in this way we have managed to focus on our added value, we work as part of a family that motivates our people to be themselves, we have proven authenticity exceeds perfection, as a result, our team is increasingly entrepreneurial which generates new and different interactions with our guests.As differential factors we have: operate with excellence, work as a family and super-serve the traveler high range with quality in attention and service at all times".


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