The Nascar Peak Mexico series races will promote their destinations in 17 countries

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The Nascar Peak Mexico series races will promote their destinations in 17 countries
Tue June 18, 2019

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, made the announcement by establishing a strategic alliance with David Chad Seigler and Jimmy Morales


The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, announced the agreement of a strategic alliance between the dependency under his charge and Nascar Peak Mexico Series, which will help meet the objectives of the Tourism Secretariat, such as strengthening of the domestic market and the increase in the collection of foreign currency.
He added that other of these objectives are the benefit for the local population where the car races take place, the promotion of our country and the positioning of the destination "Mexico" abroad, thanks to the fact that through the television broadcast, These events reach 16 countries of our continent and Spain.
Accompanied by David Chad Seigler, international vice president of Commercial Development at Nascar, and Jimmy Morales, general director of Nascar Peak Mexico Series, Torruco Marqués explained that Nascar Peak Mexico Series is the main Mexican speed racing event, which last year alone exceeded 625 million impacts on social networks.
In addition, it is the fastest growing championship organized by Nascar outside the United States and today has more than one million followers on Facebook.
The head of Sectur was specific when mentioning the benefits that this strategic alliance will bring for our country:
-It is a new scheme to promote Sports Tourism and to promote the destination "Mexico" in the international concert.
- Through the large Nascar Peak Mexico Series broadcasting platform, it will be promoted to Mexico and to the destinations where the competition takes place.
-It will not generate any cost for the Secretary of Tourism or for the states.
-Provides the approach of the population to the sport of motorsport regardless of age or socioeconomic status.

Aguascalientes, very positive experience
Torruco Marqués said that on June 9, the Sectur already participated in the race held in the city of Aguascalientes, in coordination with the government of that state, registering very positive results, such as obtaining free spaces for the promotion of brands "Mexico" and "Viva Aguascalientes" in the oval of competition, commercial area, social networks and television media.
A noteworthy fact is that, for the first time, more than two thousand people with limited resources were able to access this event at no cost, in addition to 1,700 people from the social program "Young people building the future", with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
Also, a tourist pavilion was installed where local craftsmen offered their products to the 27,374 attendees who witnessed the automobile race, and a module of "Young people building the future" was placed, through which 43 appointments with companies were scheduled for their connection to this program.
Even more, Torruco Marqués said that between June 8 and 9 an economic income of more than nine million pesos was obtained in the locality, hotel occupancy increased 8.1 percent, tourism promotional reached more than 53 million impacts on social networks and commercials, broadcast through the Fox Sports 3 channel, reached 45 million viewers from 17 nations.

Competition calendar
So far, four races have been held in: Monterrey, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, and in the remainder of the year there will be eight more in seven cities in the center, north and south of the country:

Puebla, June 22 and 23.
Chihuahua, July 13 and 14.
Querétaro, August 3 and 4.
San Luis Potosí, August 31 and September 1.
Guadalajara, September 28 and 29.
Puebla, October 19 and 20.
Aguascalientes, November 9 and 10.
Mexico City, November 30 and December 1.

With this calendar - added the Secretary of Tourism - each month the brand "Mexico" and the host destination will have a promotional presence in 17 countries: the United States, Canada (main emitters of tourists to our country), Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela and Mexico.

And he stressed that these nations, together, represent 83 percent of the total of foreign tourists arriving in Mexico, without forgetting that domestic tourism means 79 percent of the total number of travelers staying at the hotel.


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