When and why the colombian tourists travel?

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When and why the colombian tourists travel?
Wed June 19, 2019

According to an ANATO study, low seasons are the favorite of tourists to vacation. The reasons for travel are rest and vacation, work, visit family and academic purposes

According to the study Conduct and Preferences of the traveler in Colombia, conducted by ANATO, from the hand of the consulting firm, DATEXCO, to a total of 1,420 people in the main airports of the country, it was determined that the low seasons are the favorite of tourists to vacation with 39%, and the Mid-Year season ranked second with 19%.

"These market studies have been carried out regularly and their objective is that Travel Agencies know more about what tourists are looking for when planning their vacations or business trips, in this way, they provide a better service and know which destinations and products to offer them to give them the experience they really want, "said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

It should be noted that of the total of those who favor the mid-year season, 60% indicated that they choose it because they coincide with the holidays of other family members, while 24% argue that the holidays are the reason for their response. .

On the other hand, the study inquired about the reasons for travel, showing that, of the total of the sample, 62% do it for rest and vacations, highlighting this response among those who travel more than 2 times a year (defined as Travelers High) with 74%; The second reason is work with 35.7%, prioritizing this option among those who travel twice a year (called Medium travelers) with 50.5%.

Likewise, other answers stand out, such as visiting relatives with 5.8%, indicated mainly by those traveling less than twice a year (categorized as Light travelers), and academic purposes with 2.1%.


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