Argentina invites foreign tourists to discover its nature

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Argentina invites foreign tourists to discover its nature
Mon June 24, 2019

This campaign is in addition to other measures implemented by the country, such as tourism, such as the VAT refund on accommodation, the increase in air connectivity, the facilitation of visas and the elimination of reciprocity fees

The Secretariat of Tourism of the Nation continues to spread Argentina through various forms with the aim of positioning the country as an international destination. This action is part of the digital promotion strategy to increase receptive tourism by showing renewed destinations, no longer focusing on landscapes, but on experiences and experiences. The concept behind these actions is "Discover your nature", which uses the key feature of Argentina: nature. It uses a double meaning: it invites us to know the nature of the country and the nature of oneself.

Three videos with protagonists and different stories filmed in Patagonia Argentina have a connection: discover nature. Los Glaciares National Park, in the province of Santa Cruz is the chosen destination to show them. In "Sentite chiquitito" a 2.17 meters tall basketball player enters the Perito Moreno Glacier. Through this comparison you can see the contrast between the immensity of the landscape and how small the tourist feels there, even though he is a person of his height.

A professional photographer looks for unpublished images, not the classic ones already taken and known in "Sentite única", where lesser-known but dazzling routes are seen. Finally, "Sentite libre" shows a woman disconnected from the cell phone and completely connected to the environment, seeking to free herself from the everyday and form a bond with nature.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Nation, Gustavo Santos, said that "through the actions we carry out we seek to increase the flow of foreign tourists using a promotion plan by markets and audiences that allows a better diffusion." This positioning as a tourist destination in the world it accompanies other measures that made tourism grow, such as the VAT reimbursement for accommodation, the increase in air connectivity, the facilitation of visas, and the elimination of reciprocity rates. "

As part of this campaign on previous occasions, other destinations such as the Iguazú National Park and the City of Buenos Aires were promoted. In the case of the Falls, ex-basketball player Manu Ginobili invited American tourists to visit the Natural Wonder of the World through a video filmed from the imposing Garganta del Diablo. For the City of Buenos Aires there was a 12-hour broadcast in which six tourists from different countries showed the diversity of tourist offer that Buenos Aires night has.

In addition, the digital strategy includes actions with influencers, high-impact activations and cooperative actions with airlines within the digital universe to encourage the purchase of tickets to Argentina during 2019.


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