Amadeus announces a travel app on Salesforce AppExchange

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Amadeus announces a travel app on Salesforce AppExchange
Tue June 25, 2019

With the integration of Amadeus Airline Platform and Salesforce Platform, Amadeus airline customers can enjoy a complete view of the traveler, unlocking new capabilities to personalize the travel experience

Today Amadeus announces an application to optimize its services in Salesforce AppExchange that will allow airlines to connect with their customers, partners and employees in completely new ways. The application will integrate and extend the capabilities of both platforms, both Salesforce and Amadeus, which will allow airlines to maximize their combined value by sharing data and information in order to obtain a complete view of the traveler.

The application will offer airlines a clear view of the multichannel customer interactions, allowing them to personalize the traveler's experience from start to finish. In addition, with better customer perspectives, greater collaboration and automation capabilities, the applications will allow airline agents to focus on their main added value: to provide excellent service to travelers.

This AppExchange application can address the complications that arise from flight incidents by enabling airlines to provide personalized recoveries in the event of delays and cancellations. In addition, the application makes it possible for agents to evaluate customer situations, allowing quick booking changes and offering a differentiated service.

Sebastian Cavanagh, Head of Airlines Business Strategy of Amadeus, explains: "Until now, airlines have had to carry out customized integrations between our solutions, and with this integration, airlines can now extract the value of Amadeus IT solutions. and the Salesforce Platform, which provides new opportunities, saves costs and allows a better customer service. "

Taimur Khan, GM, Vice President Travel, Transportation and Hospitality of Salesforce says: "The future of travel loyalty is based on the customer experience and the ability to anticipate their needs while offering quality interactions. We are delighted to see Amadeus innovate with Salesforce by enabling an airline's employees - from those working at the gateways and service centers to the flight attendants - to serve customers with relevance, context and consistency in all of them. the channels".


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